Okay how can I get fentanyl?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, May 27, 2006.

  1. *sorry waste of thread*
  2. that shit fucks u up, find someone who uses a lot of opiates
  3. i doubt it is around much anymore...
  4. my best friends mom (R.I.P.) had boxes of fentanyl patches that she didnt use cuz they made her sick and thats the only way i've ever done them, she had around 6 kinds of cancer though so thats how she had em

    if you really want fentanyl go to your local hood and get heroin, the odds of you finding actual heroin is pretty rare, most bags have fentanyl in them
  5. I know this one guy who has them. Fetanyl is 100 times stronger then heroin. He got hit by a bulldozer while on a motorcycle, It fucked his arm up and they put a titanium rod in. Then during winter he slipped on ice and fell on his elbow so hard that it was crushed by smacking between the ground and titanium rod.

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