Okay, help with the market value of this smokey

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DevilRed, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Okay, here are some pics of the harvested White Widow I have that has seeds in it. As for the high....well I was so fucking high my buddy told me I forgot how to talk, LOL

    I know this stuff goes by weight, but not having a scale and all, any guess'n at what this is worth?

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  2. here is a shot of the stuff zoomed in

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  3. looks like a lot of leaves left in it..........and there doesn't seem to be a lot of ctystals on it, but hey if it gets you wasted then good.........but a lot of buyers would be put off by the lack of crystals.........Peace out........Sid
  4. I'm just guessing but I'll say around $400 bucks, though you should really clean it up more, where are the crystals?

    *edit* now that I look at it more I'm leaning on $500. But that might still be low.
  5. When taking a digital picture, it's hard to convey exactly what weed looks like (so don't worry about "not having enough crystals" or anything).

    But I'll tell you, I'd never buy from a dealer who doesn't have a scale. What up w/ that?
  6. No more than 6 bills
  7. Gotta get my scale monday, but $600........shit. I was guess'n only like $150 bucks. Looks like im the guy to buy from, LOL.

    The crystals are there, have to zoom in to seem them better though. It is super sticky icky
  8. Yea, i do plan to clean it up a little better also. Im sort of new to the game, learning as I go, but I do plan to weigh in a little heavy , or give a little extra per measure. Make up for the seeds some.
  9. Did you give your widow a 2 week pure dark period before harvest? In my eyes there is a serious lack of crystals on that.. ohh, well, as long as it gets ya stoned.. luck bro on selling it

  10. it has seeds in it?? what a shame, damn waste of a fine strain...its not worth much anymore. lol

  11. dis is what its sposed to look like, if you hadnt seeded it- it might have. but definitely dont waste those seeds if they really are widow.

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  12. Why is it a waste? In my experience seeds don't affect shit! Yes, they are used as a weight trick, yes, you are going to have to pick em out, but if your going to deal you will compensate for seeds.
  13. Shwagish WW, not worth as much as it would if you didn't wait so long to harvest man, seriously, what a waste of IMO the best weed strain there is :(

    Next time, harvest before it seeds.

    You might want to take all of those leaves out too, really makes it look like you're trying to add weight.
  14. Well I do have a pile with no seeds. But I wanted some seeds for next year so one of my plots I left the males standing; as to produce seeds for the future.

    The pic really doesn't do much justice, but it does have the crystals on it. And yea, I did cut a lot of the leaves out. Im new to the growing/harvesting game so im learning as I go in those depts.

    Along the lines of it being a waste, i would say no. Got have some future back up plants in case the clones don't roll in the spring. To me the seeds of this batch are worth more than the bud. That is why I asked what the bud with seeds is worth. If I can get $200 for the entire pile, ill be straight I guess.
  15. what does it smell like???????
  16. Where i am from you could 10 times that!
    for it when it has seeds it just goes from being kindbud to midgrade!!!!!!

  17. Doesn't look too bad, digi pics dont do it justice I assume.

  18. I'm almost positive that harvest time has NOTHING to do with seed growth (unless you harvest really early?). It's whether it was pollenated by a male or not. Or so I think, lol.

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