okay, can i get a female insight?

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Mar 19, 2003.


    Fucking girls are the most cracked out people in the fucking universe. A girls mind is like a fucking vortex of evil, spinning bitchyness across the earth! HOW CAN I ESCAPE FROM ITS INVINCIBLE GRASP?!

    i almost envy the gay....imagine never dealing with a chick's random hangups. No more freakouts or psychopathic control attempts. If there was some way to reverse my sexual orientation, I would consider it.

  2. better think fast!
  3. ummare you sure your realllly wanna do that?
  4. ill tell you what, as an avid fan of the girls, myself, I gotta say those girlie girls that all they wanna do is bitch and bitch about absolutly nothing and always having to do everything opposite of what is easygoing and with the flow, can suck a big cock. thats what I like to say to those girls who pull that real bitch of a attitude on me...I dont need that bagage, so check that crap at the door!! theres a lot of pretty looking bitches out there.
  5. I met some chick this past weekend that was showing interest in me a little, I was pretty indifferent until she turned physco bitch on me. its funny to see a gay chicks face after you tell her to go suck a cock!

  6. guess what? The really feminine gay guys can throw a bitch fit with the best of us. don't judge sex by bitchiness. that comes from how many assholes you hang out with.
  7. I completely agree... damn I wish i was a man...
  8. i wish i could have a womans orgasm

  9. lol, I dunno what i like better, givin them, or having them!
  10. oh yes, giving them are just as fun

  11. wish every guy felt that way :p
  12. i love women... love em... but...

    GIRLS = 24/7 DRAMA
  13. couldnt have said it better..
  14. That's why I prefer to hang out with the boys. I'm all female but gossipy, bitchy, whiney women drive me up the wall.

    I love all of the chicks here at the City. None of us seem to have the normal drama that comes with being a girl...I guess because we're stoner chicks.

    I'm sorry that you guys have to deal with the evilness of some women. Maybe Hempress can use her spells and fix them all..........I know, that's a long shot! :(

  15. oh, i guess i just gotta show ya somethin on the 4th :p

    *edit...i am extremely stoned right now...i just wrote that, and this is just my dislclaimer, not to the ability to give an orgasm, im confident i can do that, but to the ability to make that statement in my right mind has probably been thrown into the wayside what the fuck am i talking about, it makes sense in my head, so leave me alone, im zoning out, damnit, this was just supposed to be a reply, but in the process ive forgotten about my bong, off to smoke more bbl............

    .fuck, and this was just gonna be an edit.
  16. I was gonna say sumthin but that ^^^^dude made me ferget what I was gonna say.

    Oh yeah,

    I think I responded to this thread here, or if I did'nt, I ought to have. what?

    http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php? s=&threadid=16135

    MY EDIT----> Norm was above me ( a scary thought) but he's not anymore, so that's the dude I was talking about.
  17. Hey guys................................

    Did you read the title??????????

    okay, can i get a female insight?

    It does say female insite!!!!!!!!!! lmao!
  18. I'm secure enough in my manhood to respond in female insight threads. I study them everyday. Got to.
  19. No offnese intended, but some o you chicks are straight up nutty, i mean, not anyone on here as i've seen, but these ones who get pissed and try to run you over, leave piles of burning shit on the doorstep and set the 11th floor condo carpet on fire, or end up chasing me down in her truck on the beach after both front tires blew out and trying to lose this crazy bitch.

    I guess my point is most of you women are damn tough to figure out for all us guys, and it sometimes frustrates us.

    A small percentage of females have problems, issues, whatever and are truly twisted cracked out individuals to deal with and i wish you'd stay away from me.
  20. Dude... actually I can't figure out guys or girls... I just don fit in anywhere -.-;;; *sigh*

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