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  1. Ok, so i;ve got my hps light (250 watt)

    I;ve be growing about 2 - 3 plants...

    i've brought the timing equipment, and a fan.

    now im going to by soil/compost today. what one is the best to buy, i also need miracle grow etc.... which ones should i get?

    what other stuff do i need... i've got no cash left now to be honest... not a lot anyways, so i only want to get things i need for a grow... anythin that can wait... leave out....

  2. cheap and good compost can be had for free, look for it. i have horses and i took some old rotten shavings and mixed them with some extra topsoil to provide a light and nutrient rich mix,

    but for fert, no miracle grow, spend the extra $$ on a little organic shit. or, go to a resturant and get extra vegi scraps, I work at one, we throw a lot away, and soak it in water and shit and use that to water it, compost fruits and vegis and soak them, the water absorbs shit and then you water you plants with the.

    so my main point is, things can be had for free. time=money if you have no money take a little time:smoking:
  3. exellent info :)

    I'll keep that in mind.

    No miracle grow.... and use herbel fertilisers.

    Any examples?

    also, wot about pH, is that a "must"

  4. another question.... its summer here in the uk atm and i was thinking about the lighting times...

    I was thinkin start it at in the morning, about 9am, for the 18/6 and about 10am for the 12/12

    i was thinking, now thats it summer, then plants should be ok over night, but once it starts getting colder, what should i do? leave the lighting? or turn the lights on at night to have heat... but it will still be colder in the day in the winter

    any thoughts
  5. There are thousands of soil mixes out there you can use mine is 50% tompsons 0-0-0 potting soil, 40% perelite, 5% composted manure, 2.5% bone meal, 2.5% blood meal works good for me and the whole mix only costs about 18 bucks. then I use a 5-1-1 fish emulsion fertilizer for veg and some ebay bloom formula for flower.
  6. im confused about the numbers 5-1-1

    i sometimes see in some posts 27 - 5 - 5 n stuff like that....

    very confused

  7. Those are the N-P-K values of different fertlizers, and soils.
    Theres tons of threads with information on it.
  8. nitrogen potasium n ?

    well i went and got some miracle grow, i went to three different gardening stores, and they are thick, didnt know :/

    but i think notrogen is 15% ... i'll go look in a sec
  9. You shouldve gotten scotts potting soil, i have some and the only fert it has is it is a tiny bit of P, like .06 or something, it has perlite mixed in but before i transplant im going to add some more, very easy to water and tell when its dry as well.

  10. like is ed, the best they had was this....

    Nitrogen 15%
    Ammoniacal Nitrogen 6.5%
    Ureic Nitrogen 8.5%
    Phodphorus Pentoxide Soluble in Neutral ammonuim cirate snf in water 30%
    of which soluble in water 30%
    Potasium Oxide soluble in water 15%
    Boron soluble in water 0.02%
    Copper soluble in water 0.03%
    Iron soluble in water 0.15%
    Magnese soluble in water 0.05%
    Zinc soluble in water 0.03%

    What all this means loll i have no idea....

    well i bought this... so i hope its good...

    i also brough these soft type white crystal things, it says it absorbs neutrients n is good for the roots...

    anyways.... please let me know
  11. try to buy only organic ferts and soils.

    your taste buds will be thanking you around harvest.

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