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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kieron3010, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Boy, I thought at least someone would be friendly.

    Ok, how should I phrase it? Ummmm, this better?

    Hey I'm looking to score some Marijuana? Ya know, some Dope? Hey anyone out there? Good rule of thumb, if they use the correct word for it, then it's a cop.

    Guess some guys just can't catch a break.

    Thanks for nothin.

  2. Some people sure can be fucking dicks...

    Especially people who take comments of people who are just plain down and out and are fuck-wads to them...

    Damn some people are just assholes.

  3. If this is the guy I accused of being a cop then I have this to say:

    Man some people can't take a joke.

    Good rule of thumb, Don't try looking for weed hookups on the internet, it just isn't smart.

    I don't where you get the idea that undercover cops use correct terms but around these parts they tend to use outdated or excessive slang terms.

    If you think the responses you got were that bad try going to another forum and see what they say when you ask for a hook up. ok?
  4. im a cop!!!!

    im a cop!!!!

    your all under cyber arrest!!!

    now just cyber sit there, while i put the cyber cuffs on you, aight?
  5. Come on Norm! I'm tired of sitting here under cyber arrest. When you going to get here and smoke me out friend!!!!!
  6. lmao...ok ok...ill let you all go with a cyber slap on the wrists...

    wanna smoke a bowl?

    lol....i do :D

  7. I am a total asshole. When i was younger i broke out in assholes and they eat me up. Has anyone else had that happen to them?????????

    Seriously tell me where you are and i'll get you set up!
  8. yeah, mine is similar....the dr says i have one located right below my nose....and somethin about talkin a lot of shit...i dunno...i take medicine for it tho :D

  9. Oh yeah, Norm...cyber cuff me, baby! I like it like that!!!!;)
  10. i got some special fuzzy cuffs for you :p
  11. O.K. Y'all asked for it so I'm sending a unit out...(haha) I knew I'd have a use for this eventually!! Good thing for me that CO has about the best pot laws in the U.S.--Swan

    Attached Files:

  12. Mmmm....Normsy've got the fuzzy cuffs and I've got the fuzzy. Cyber arrest me....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. aww come on now, youve got me cyber blushing
  14. You should have known better then to tease me with fuzzy cuffs. Nothing turns me on more than fuzzy cuffs except bull whips. You knew that...all that cyber blushing business is a front...

    Norm's a tease.............

  15. Great idea, ZIA!!!!! You can come too and we'll get super stoned and have a lovefest!!!!!!!!!! Fuzzy cuffs and all!!!!
  16. will it have one of them vibrating beds?
  17. Do NOT eat even one Funyun don't want Funyun Onion breath, ya know!!! Grab me some grape gum and a Dragon SoBe, ok?????

    Vibrating beds ROCK!!! Load the bowl, Norm!!! Let's get fried out before we get fuzzy!!!!
  18. im gonna be !gone! before yall are, i havent smoked in like a month!! it would be poor old defensless norm, on a vibrating bed, with fuzzy cuffs, zia and mary jane.......what the hell do i do to get into this shit?!

    heh, i say that like its a bad thing :p

    its not.
  19. oh, and for what its worth, i have a bullwhip on my wall....i got it when i was like 6 when we went to new mexico for the summer....


    what more could a guy ask for?!

  20. SMACK that ass...that's a good way to get started!!!!

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