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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jfresh420, May 24, 2010.

  1. supposed to be gettin some kush(newyork) and never had it b4..just wondering how it should smell,taste,look so on..
  2. In my experiences kush is usually fluffy, I live in NY too so it shouldn't be too different?
    And kush has a very distinct smell, kinda musky if i'm not mistaken :rolleyes:
  3. why do you care ? and your not getting kush. your dealer just told you that so you would buy it.

  4. Mofkn this
  5. fuck does mofkn mean?..and this is easily the best shit ive ever got...just the look of it makes me wanna never smoke it..pretty much just white ha..smells like i ran over a skunk..which could also be just some skuny ass shit idk pick up i ever got
  6. Where did you get your psychic powers? Can you train me?!

    Seriously though, you know it's not kush, because...why?

  7. Come on man. They were just telling you the likely truth, but then you're just gonna bs and say this shit lol
  8. although many dealers do just through names on no-name bud to sell it faster, you dont have any right to assume that that's whats going on with him. GTFO, your negativity isn't welcomed here :wave:
  9. from my expierence, kush has a musky lemon smell to it and a very citrus like taste to it.

    and i get my shit legally from a dispensery in CA so i know that it is what they say it is
  10. i see these thread every single day. Op is obviously a new smoker and the dealer realized this and through a popular name on it so he could make a deal.
    good to here. long as you got good bud thats all that matters.

    how much you get/charged.
  11. i agree, dont worry about whether it's kush or not, i'm sure youre already able to tell if bud is good quality. Just buy what looks good for the price and ignore games. All of you being negative, give helpful advice instead of being douches.
  12. haha thanks psycho.seems like u comment on like most of my posts ha..and it always seems like ur telling someone to stfu hah..good looks dude
  13. haha didnt even realize. just dont like it when people bash for harmless questions.
  14. i kno i cant stand that ppl ask questions to get answers not some bullshit sarcasm..we all smoke weed,we all have questions..even you douches
  15. Smoke it. Enjoy it. I haven't been able to get kush around here in St. Louis, but really I don't care, I just like good bud (which is at a shortage since my dealer moved and the others I knew got busted).
  16. ^^that sucks dude..i honestly could care less what the name is but i just knoe "kush" is sposed to be real good,so figured id post..and yea i went threw a shortage not to long ago..just kept gettin some reallll shitty stuff..maybe like mids or somethin..but oddly enough if got me RIPPED way better than the 280 half lid:smoke::rolleyes:
  17. kush is super dank super smelly and keeps you lifted for awhile i had it before :smoke:
  18. delicious.

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