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  1. So I just smoke 4 bowls right, and I leave my room and come back into the dining room where my laptop is and I get on Facebook to change my status, and I got the hiicups..
    now keep in mind im GONE im on Jupitar blown!!! Well I got the hiccups and I herd about this "cure" if you rub the back top part of your mouth with the tip of your tongue the pressure against the muscles will cause you to stop hicuping well I decided HEY now I can finally see if that "cure" is real or not, so I try it and the first 3 seconds were all cool and calm but OH holly CRAP I hicuped and almost CHOKED on MY tounge:eek:!!!!!!!
    Well it scared me so fukin bad that my hicups went away!!!! LMFAO, after I realized I wasnt dying I was like fukin awesomesauce :yay: it WORKED!:D

    Is that funny because it is soooo true and it happened to me today! Forreal like not even 20 mins ago...

  2. Haha. Well just remember you cant choke on your tounge.
    Good thing you found a way to get rid of your hiccups though. :D
  3. lmfao YESSS lol!!!
  4. I've always heard that a big glob of peanut butter works. At least it has for me...every time. :cool:

  5. hmmm i might try that lol...THX
  6. [​IMG]

    Yeah sorry, I just had to.

    But I mean it.. and I think Terry means it too..

    Cool story :D
  7. A lime almost always works.

    Take a small lime, cut it in half, and squeeze the juice onto the back of your throat.
    Be careful not to squeeze in a seed. :cool::smoke:

    Actually almost any sour citrus will work.
  8. This is real, and it's an old generation tale. Usually if you got the hiccups, that means somebody is talking about you. It could be good or bad, if you guess their name it will stop, you obviously know this person though. It's usually someone close or a friend.

    Try it.
  9. Sounds like an old wive's tale...
  10. "awesomesauce"

    Best part of this thread
  11. Takin fifteen sips of water (slowly) and counting out each sip verbally always works for me.... 'cept when I'm drunk cause it means I'm about to blow chunks most of the time.

  12. lol thanks ... Cept it be cooler if it said sister since ima chick.. Lol
    but funny just the same, man i remember watchin his reality show for the first
    time... Dude he is such a softee ... Lol i never would of guessed... He was all hiding in his closet with his boa feathers on and his wife and kids busted his ass in their and they were all givin him a hard time about playin wit his old
    outfits, he almost cried.. Lol it was crazy funny!!!
  13. lol is it jus me or do this guy looked stoned lol

  14. cool... And dats one of my fav bob marley quotes too btw

  15. hmmm... Interesting!!! Thanx
  16. haha thanks im glad u likey !!! Hehe

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