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Ok who wants to kick my ass

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, you All line up now..........

    I quit smoking the Government's drug in 91' and when I Almost died on 9/10/02 I started again but smoking Captain Blacks and I must say "they" have me hooked again on this shit. So I just thought if enough of you people kicking me maybe I'll quit. Rocdog's pissed of coarse.....but hey the make up sessions are great *LOL.

    Just bored with nothing to do...the girls are sleeping so nothing to do in there. So here we be.

    Another thing is when I started smoking the Government's drug it was 65 cents a pack and I quit when they were $4.95 a pack...buddys are paying $9 a pack now. The Captain Blacks are $6.50 for 8.

    Am I a smart guy or what eh!!!!

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  2. Ill kick your ass!

    while I like to tell everyone and anyone, do what you like, its your life, your body, blah blah blaaaaah...I do care about smoking. you almost died!!! alright! red light! and the cost of smokes I see people playing of CHUNKS of money to buy them. maybe Im in the dark about how hard it is to quit. probably..
    nevertheless, I say do it. and good luck!
  3. HIGH All, sensimil it wasn't smoking that Almost killed me...this thread will explain.

    It is pretty hard to quit "kick" "kick"...if I want to quit "kick" "kick" I'm sure this bod can do it's mmmm my way of saying to you All "why start".
  4. What are you talking about, you are addicted to cigars??? What are you doing, inhaling them??

    Do what luke said and roll some blunts man!
  5. Sensi....whats w/your icon....i dont understand ive seen that picture on like all these posters in like every guys room here...i dont get it
  6. if i kicked ur ass id be a hippocrite (or how ever its spelld)thus meaning id have to kill my self
  7. HIGH All, *LOL* yup suck them babies deep into the lungs...just imagine what those babies look like!!

    They were getting better..but.."they" got the better of me again.
  8. It sucks to have to bow down to tobacco.. I still haven't kicked the habit/addiction...

    I'll kick your ass if you kick mine!!!!!!!!

  9. :D

    probably in some girls rooms too! ;)

    for some reason i cant get to that thread..but i still say kick it. i stand by that baby!
  10. if i never did drugs/drank i would never have started, and if suddenly i stopped doing all those things i know i could stop, however i choose not to right now =) (sure heard that line a million times)
  11. hey brother i quit that nasty shit like 8 yrs ago....

    it is all good once you stop ..its the stoping thats hard...

    altho i do roll i get a tiny bit of that shit in me ....

    the best way to quit is to wait longer into the day before you have your first smoke...

    each day as you wait longer to have that first one...

    it will taste nastyer and nastyer...

    also try brainwashing yourself ...every time you think of lighting up

    think of licking the bopttom of a dirty ash tray!!!!

    good luck!
  12. lol swishers are like 250 a pack.
    but tobacco sucks. when im really intoxicated i like to puff on a cigar every once in a while, but thats about it
  13. HIGH All, I smoked for 20+ years before quiting that time and this go will be easy seeing as I only started a little over a year ago.

    Thanks for the words my friends.
  14. Well I wish you the best of luck, and I know you can kick the habit(you wouldn't have started this thread if that weren't the case).

    I smoked cigarettes for 6 years and quit cold turkey out of the blue one day, I hope you do the same. 4/20/04 will be 2 years since I have smoked a cigarette.

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