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  1. I'm trying to expand my mind here and I stumbled onto something that is really confusing me. I heard the word homunculus on TV and found this picture on wikipedia:


    Usually I can grasp new ideas fairly easily, but can someone explain to me this idea of a cartesian theater? what about the homonculus argument? are they related?
  2. Dude, what? Good luck!
  3. Oh wait, I think I get the picture. Quite obvious actually.
  4. For a second I thought his brain was a fried egg.
  5. yoo that looks like that eddie murphy movie, meet dave or some shit like that

  6. Umm...it is a fried egg.

    this is the wrong question to ask on a stoner forum.

  7. yea, cause all stoners are stupid right? If you're smoking sativa dominant weed it should make you want to discuss intellectually stimulating topics like this.
  8. The dude sitting in the chair, is your brain. The screen is your eyes and the speakers are your ears.

    It represents that you are watching your own life as it happen, as if it were a movie.

  9. sounds like depersonalization.
  10. Where the fuck's the popcorn?

    This theater blows.
  11. Not really. Thats what your doing right now, in a sense. Your brain is the dude sitting, processing information, and your eyes are the screen and you ears are the speakers. Both of which are ways the information can be shown for you to process.
  12. I think the dude in the chair represents your eyes, because that's where the part of your brain that controls your eyes is. Same goes for speakers, that's the where the part of your brain that controls hearing is. It's a clever representation.
  13. The idea behind these concepts is that everything we experience is just our inner self, a homunculus or soul, experiencing it through a shell. So everything we perceive is through some sort of medium before we experience it. And if u think about it, when you look out the window you're looking at something through the lens of the glass. consider the lens of your eye even, everything is through that medium in addition to the screen you're looking at.
    In a sense it helps explain one's self, but it is incorrect scientifically. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be studied, but shouldn't be taken as fact.

  14. ahh...i think I get it now.

    but now i want a fucking taco.

  15. Haha random thought but this reminds me of my parents. They used to break eggs over the stove and make it look deformed and go "hey this is your brain on drugs!" they did it so often you'd think it get old but it never did :)
    Anyways sorry I ruined your intelligent conversation about a fried egg ;)
  16. Oh wow I was way off, now I get it. Stupid because I've actually thought about something like this before. Stupid...
  17. Life is but a show.

    Nothing you see is real, it is just data that your brain puts into form.

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