ok what the hell is this?

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  1. Upon inspecting the ladies this morning I found this in my 2 week old buds. What is it? How can I eradicate it? Image20.jpg

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  2. They are very tiny and appear the same color as orange trichromes....
  3. its an inchworm.....take a look inchworm - Wiktionary
  4. thank you deeplyrooted87 Is it eating my plant? Should I spray them?
  5. BT thuricide
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  6. What MichiganMan said. Home depot and Lowes carry it. The brand name is SAFER.

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  7. i would use Monterey B.T. its OMRI listed and i think it works better than safer...
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  8. Thanks guys! Waiting for the sun to go down with BT in hand! It appears to be only 1 plant but they are all getting sprayed!
  9. a buddy of mine said to spray it in the morning before the sun comes up. he said its not a good idea to spray (if there is any bud forming) at night, more of a chance for mold to form since its dark and cold at night.
  10. Good lookin out. I'll have to go pick some up,as caterpillar season is upon us.

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  11. Inaccurate. Spray during the evening when there's shade hitting the plants. BT breaks down and won't be as effective if used right before the sun comes up. Breaks down much faster. Also caterpillars like to eat at night. If your environment allows, spray during the evening right before humidity increases when it gets completely dark
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  12. You want to cram that BT in between the crevices of the stacking calyxs. That's where the caterfucks hide. I shower my nugs with 2tsp of safer per gal. I spray every 3days and will be doing this till harvest
  13. Thanks for the info skullbasher..... our nights are around 63 degrees. Coastal breeze and they are up on my terrace so barely any dew ... as soon as they are not in direct sunlight it's good for foliar feeding and treatments. By the time it's dark, they are dry...
  14. Caterpillars suck. I rotate every treatment between BT and Spinosad. I also buy praying mantis eggs in the spring and release them with lady bugs into my garden. They don't always stay but they do help remove pest from my garden and neighborhood. I use a atomizer to fog my plants at least once a week if not twice a week about 30-60 minutes before sunset. At this point of day the sun is not so intense and it's warm enough to dry the solution fairly quickly. As Skullbasher stated light breaks down BT so it's most effective sprayed later in the day. Never treat plants during periods of intense sunlight. It can cause the plants to get burned. I also recommend treating for mites. Neem, azamax, Big Time Exterminator are a few products that kill mites. I always rotate solutions as pest can build up a resistance to the insecticides. I always add so plain dish soap to the solution as it suffocates the mites and acts as an emulsifier. I also love by the motto of where there is 1 there's always more that you just don't see. I also run a bug zapper in my garden which helps lower the amount of pest and moths.

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