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Ok What I Wake Up To Almost Every Morning

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, living up here on The WET Coast you have different Alarm clocks.

    I tried finding what I Wake and Bake up to on the net and this is what I found.

    You need RealPlayer or WinMedia to listen to these Beautiful Majestic Birds.

    Nothing like it in the world!!!

    Ohh ya scroll down to Audio and have a Listen.
  2. HIGH All, come on no one likes Eagles here at the City...well to me it's one of the most relaxing sounds (other than my Bubble Buckets) I've ever heard. I guess I asummed evryone liked Bald Eagles.

    Good thing I never asked what your State or Province bird see these little things in life is what keeps me sane.

    Well this is our Provincial Bird, The Stellar's Jay.

    Attached Files:

  3. HIGH All, roadrunners that would be something to see. Only roadrunner I've seen was on The Wylie Coyote show *LOL*.
  4. Im either waking up or going to sleep to something that sounds like the end of Aqueous Transmission by incubus..... just nothin but bull frogs and insects and lots of crickets doin what they do best...makin noise...... and wondering wtf your still doing up as the sun rolls in over the water...kinda relaxing though.
  5. I like eagles. I have only seen them in the wild one time and it was a truly unforgettable experience. but i forget where it was at that I saw the bird.

    Our state bird is the yellow-bellied sapsucker, but here it is known as the yellowhammer, one of the largest birds in the woodpecker family. it eats insects that prey on the long leaf pine, our state tree. The yellowhammer lends its name quite easliy to a football cheer at the State U.

    "Rammer, Jammer Yellowhammer.
    Give 'Em Hell!
    ROLL TIDE!!"

  6. I thought it was roll tide roll......
  7. I never have to worry bout hearing Eagle. I am one.

    Ok i know that it sounded wierd. I'm not an actual eagle I'm an Eagle Scout in the BSA. So yea Eagles are pretty cool
  8. HIGH All, I couldn't live without seeing a Eagle everyday. Anytime BPP you want to get up close you come see us!! Tyee time is just about here and yes I'll be posting pics of those Monster Fish.

    Hey STKid333 love your sig it's ummm so original.
  9. here on the Connecticut River there's lots of eagles, and if you go in this little river that runs off it, its like one of the top 5 places where eagles nest in the USA. and then there's these 10-25 ft rock cliffs we climb up then dive off, fun stuff :)
  10. holy jesus, my old lake house was in East Haddam, Bashan Lake. we had to sell it, now we're docking the boat in Chester. I grew up in Old Saybrook, now living in West Hartford. :)
  11. id rather not say on the board, but I tried to IM you (my sn is newjetblackyear) and the person said it was your daughter.

  12. we need somethin like that over here, them fuckin beetles are tearin our pines up man.

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