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OK what about these kind of people??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. What about the guys who come to your house because they know you're "the potheads with the 2 footer" and know they will get smoked - some friends from my fiance's work come over all the time.. Get smoked, and talk shit about work for a couple hours then leave. That's all they ever do ~ and never offer to match.

    I don't mind sharing with friends (and LOVE TO WITH THOSE FRIENDS I *LOVE!!*) but they're not the type of person I'd otherwise hang out with and they talk about the weed they scored the other day... Then smoke ours. And on top of that they come over unannounced, at times late at night, and even bring friends we don't even know with them.
    Plus, I don't want my neighbors to get annoyed - they're often loud coming and leaving.

    How can you get people like that to stop coming over all the time? I'm very non-confrontational and hate to be considered rude (especially since James has to work with them!), but I'm tired of feeling like I am being used!! GRR!
    Is it wrong of me to be pissed?!

  2. Yup... I'm in the same boat as you. I feel if i say something to them they will take it the wrong way (i'm known for speaking my mind out loud sometimes) and then a whole bunch of unwelcomed chaos emerges.

    but if it ever gets real bad i'll just have to say something, tell them i don't got enough money to smoke ya up every time you come over or something... either way i hate being stingy with bud but sometimes you absolutely have too..

  3. High Ganjaphish! Well, I've been in that situation and it gets old real fast. I think you should talk to your fiance about this, since it is his co-workers. He should be the one to talk to them. If they are decent at all, they will understand.

    Good luck!
  4. Welcome to my speciality, office politics. I agree with Stony, its your boyfriend's friends not yours. He should be the one to tell them to back off a while. You can try asking him, then bugging him, then nagging him, and then full blown fighting with him to make these people stay away. It may work or it may not. You have to try all diplomatic channels first. If diplomacy with your boyfriend doesn't work, its time to get devious. If your boyfriend is not too jealous but is a little bit jealous I got you a plan.

    Everytime the guys come over to your house to party, start an innocent flirtation with the cutest one of the bunch. When he starts flirting back, makes sure your boyfriend sees it. After a few visits with the flirtation, your boyfriend willstart to get pissed. When your boyfriend confronts you act all coy, deny, etc. and then say " If you don't want me talking to your friends all the time, then tell then to quit coming over here." No guarantee that this will work, but I give it a better than average chance of success, based on your conditions.
  5. I go with putting sinage all over. No solisiting. No knocking after 7. No Sales. No religos solisiting.....Blah blah When they come over after a certin time and they don't get a responce then the next day your bo can say you kids need some wink wink nudge nudge time. If they don't like it then call first and start comming over at more realistic hours.
    if that isnt your style. Tell them your on a green fast for a while to clean your head and do some cleanning of the cobwebs, and see if they come over ever again once they hear that the free ride is over.
  6. Hey guys thanks for all the suggestions! I have tried to have my fiance talk to these people but to be honest it doesn't work - I don't think he does - either that, or they just disrespect his wishes.

    And flirting with them ~ gross. Not even my type! ;) Hehe. I think I'm going to keep bugging him to tell them to cut it out. If not, then I'm going to start telling him to tell them "sorry man we're all out of weed." Maybe then they'll get the hint..

    We already made excuses saying we're busy tonite, see if that works.. hehe...

    Thanks alot guys !! Big hugs from California
  7. Honesty is the best policy.Tell'em you don't like'em because they are rude and smoke all your dope for free and they are "gross".If your man does not like this approach then get rid of him too.I forsee many more problems than just a little weed in your future if you can't take the bull by the horns and be HONEST!
  8. I use to have the same problem.

    I finally had to tell them that the landlord was wondering about all the traffic and was worried about getting busted.
    It worked for a while, some people never get the message or even care. Those are not friends.

    I finally set my smoking policy like an Amsterdam coffeeshop, want to smoke bud, it's $5.00 - $15 a gram depending on cost. You'll find out who your real friends are real fast.

    Start out by saying I'm out, but can get some, how much do you want to buy or want to go in on a bag?
  9. LOL.....sounds like an insect problem...LOL


    look you guy's we are sick of supporting your herb diet,,,sooo,,,get your own!

    Why don't one of you guy's bring over some different herb and let's toss a salad?

    You guy's remind me of spider mites,,,,all over my herb,,don't do shit to contribute,,and a total pain in the ass trying to get rid of....

    Are we the only people that will smoke with you guy's,or did your other friend's get sick of your mooching too?

    Hey,,,did you guy's know that you can grow herb yourself?need help ?

    But yes ..normally when the herb stops do they. Hell of a way to find out who is "real" friend.....good luck........peace
  10. NdcaBud what awesome suggestions -spider mite hehe!

    Actually my bf realized that these guys basically only come over to smoke - one guy in particular is the culprit, and we found out he also has a tendency to take ownership over things that aren't his so we keep telling him now we're out.
    I hate to lie, even white lies, but this guy.. Is a leech.

    Problem solved for now !:) Thanks for all the suggestions guys ~ hopefully others with the same problem will get something from this thread too
  11. lol,funny
  12. It is the same when a person enjoys a good single malt
    scotch whiskey. You keep the good stuff locked away and
    only share it with those 'worthy' of the gift. The other
    moochers get the cheap, cheap firewater.

    Go get some really harsh schwag that just gives a person
    a headache and cough. That is what you share with
    the deadbeats. What works good is getting some big
    assed leaves off of male plants and grinding them up
    in a coffee grinder. Then share that well manicured
    crap with those who deserve it. They will probably quit
    dropping by so often.

    Keep really cheap light beer on hand too.
    That discourages juicers from switching from
    the reefer to the refr.

  13. Tell them you quit!!
    Or tell them to call befor comming over.
    Ya got to take a stand and say something,its better than keepintg it bottled up inside.
  14. ouuuuuu that happened to me long time ago (the girlfriend's friends that come over for free weed)

    after a few evenings paying my stuff, I received them, rolled myself a dicreet J, smoked it (my girl doesn't smoke) and when they asked if they could have any, i looked at them and simply said

    ..ready ... drum roll ...


    They had the decency not to ask why.

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