ok well i started planting and i need to know if im doing it right

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NuGstA, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i got a 8 inch in diameter spaure box with some good soil and i got a regular light bulb dat switches to three stages of power and lighting within a full day do u think dats a good start its so far bout 2 inches so far and theres 2 big leaves and 2 small leaves comin out from da center
  2. for now that light should work fine... in the first 2 weeks of the life, the plants needs only a little light.

    More information on the bulb though would be good... cause im sure once you get to vegging, you will have to change bulbs.... im thinking this is a regular incadescent bulb?
  3. yea its just regular incadescent bulb but where do i get some floresent lights?
  4. Home Depot.
  5. ok thanks and im goin to my cousins house for probably 2 nights how do i keep them hydrated while im gone?
  6. Incandescent won't work. Better high tail the CFL's.

    Water them in good before you leave. They should be OK for 2 days not watered unless temps are high and humidity is low. If that's the case, put the pots onto those plastic water dishes and fill the dish up with water. The plant will drink what it needs while you are gone.
  7. yea i just got florescent lights today lol my mom just came in my room changing my light bulb and whipped out a 10 florescent light pack lol so i took 1 lol....ok yea i'll update to show u some pics thanks man
  8. You shouldn't grow in your parents' house, you put them at great risk and attract much bad karma.
  9. i smell a minor...

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