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Ok well I have a safty question, again

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by random_man, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. so I ran across this

    and I was wondering if it was true
    about the reynolds foil
    like could I make a bowl out of it?
    I dont know where any head shops are so going to get screens are out of the question
  2. im not completly sure, but it'd play it safe and make an apple pipe.
  3. ive done this to avoid foil, and its a little treat after
  4. Make a waterfall bong; its simple to make and gets you high as shit. trust me you will be glad you made it.
  5. Make an apple bowl, then eat that shit when you're done.
  6. mann you gotta order a glass piece or a head shop to go to..youll enjoy weed more when your not messing with tin foil or anything like that.
  7. NOTHING IS SAFE TO SMOKE, but if its screens your after try ace hardware and tell them you need a metal screen for your faucet, once you buy it hold it with some metal tweezers and hold a flame under the whole thing to burn off the chrome. not that this makes it safe to smoke out of but its a lot better than foil.
  8. yep waterfalls are legit as fuck.
  9. Yes, you can use aluminum foil to make a bowl. Just make sure that no other garbage is burning off the foil.
  10. well some people say the when the lighter heats the foil it releases chemicals that can raise your risk of getting alzheimers and others say the lighter doesnt get hot enough to do that but ive personaly never used aluminum and dont plan to some of my friends have and they say it tastes like ass so why use it make and apple pipe like others said
  11. It's best to avoid smoking any metal - regardless of the possible effects. I think your best bet would be to make a waterfall. You can buy a socket at a hardware store that will work as a bowl. Videos on how to make one are on youtube.
  12. go to lowes or home depot and get some pipe pieces and a screen.

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