Ok, We All Need A Little Help. Dont Judge Me. Pre98 Need Som Tlc And Questions Answered

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  1. image.jpg so hopefully a
    AlL the pictures post . Ok so I came across some equipment and some plants and started growing now I'm 8 grand in debt and killing my plants. I've been using house and garden nutes. Soil a and b muilt zen I think it is, now started bud Xl a week ago, root excel and drip clean ( for whole time) , I was using tap water ran thru sediment filter for chlorine and all the other shit. Now I have a r.o filter, ppm meter and ph meter both just calibrated at hydro store. I'm trying to do better by my babies now. Anywho they are on day 36 of flower 12/12. I have other nutes or I'm willing to go buy some more if they need them. Someone chime in and let me know if I am ok now they're on 800-900 ppm , I have a whole line of canna nutes by the way so if I can mix up some stuff. I also have some botincare flower ripener and the starter box for general organic. And revive from GH for sick little plants.

    Here are my question.
    Do I need to clean reservoir after every emptying?

    I try to ph to 5.8 is this good for soil?

    My room is sealed, I run co2 on time. I put the regulator on 1 or 1 1/2 my room is 12x10x7ft10in it's on oscillating fan is that enough for 20 babies?

    When I add nutes do I check ec or ppm 700x or 500x or x500 x 700 idk the correct format and which should I use.?

    Wen using house and garden nuts caculator do I still add half of recommendation like how we're suppose to do on bottle? Or just listen to it and add what it says?

    I'm just trying to learn the correct methods so I can get used to it and know the right way the first time so I don't have to do this next time. Thanks again :) happy growing

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  2. And in the beginning I wasn't phing with a ph meter it was with the little dropper bottle. Also DO YOU THINK MY BABIES ARE IP TO PAR WITH ANOTHER 36 day plant or looking a little small?
  3. Nothing... C'mon I have to feed tonight! Need a little help they're dying with my base knowledge that isn't much knowledge at all
  4. Ok...I can't tell you everything from your pics....a few questions:
    Have you noticed any pests or mildew?
    What is the room temperature(day/night) and humidity?
    What ppm is your CO2 during day/night?
    How often do you feed/water?
    Are you feeding every water?
    What exactly is your medium(peat or coco based)?
    If you are in soil/peat, I would bring your PH up to 6.2-6.4. You might have some ph lockout going on. I wash everything after every use. You don't have to bleach it or anything, just a good rinse/wipe.
    I wouldn't advise switching nutes without a good flush first. H&G are good nutes, and Drip Clean is awesome. I would also say that more fans are usually good. Airflow is very important.
    It doesn't matter which ppm you use, as they are both just multiplications of EC, which is a measurment of electrical current in the water. Remember to be careful when increasing nutes. Less is more.  Here is a chart:
    .4---------200-------------280-----------4-----seedling/ rooted clones
    2.4--------1200------------1680---------24-----be carefull after this

  5. i had some ants coming through but luckily my praying mantis just hatched! And gobbled those asses up.
    My co2 is on at the beginning of every hour for 15 mins and I stop it before the last hour is up TIL next light period is on. I set the regulator at 1 lol idk..
    My room temp flucs from day 74-76 rh 40-60 at night 60-69. Rh 40-60

    I water ever couple to 3 days my pots still feel heavy I think that's kinda deceiving cause everyone drainage is in their medium is different ya know? I feed every watering
  6. Temp and RH sound good. I would flush with ph adjusted water, at 6.3 ph(if you are in soil or peat) I would not feed every water unless you are in coco. I would feed every second water at 6.2-6.4 ph. If you are using RO water, you may need to supplement with cal/mag.

    It is better to water when they are dry, as opposed to following a sched. Lifting the pots is indeed the best way to judge if they are ready.

    Your co2 regulator should tell you your room ppm. Good that you aren't running it at night.

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