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OK up and running into day 12

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by paint_u_dgt, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow tokers

    Ok so I am up and running with my closet grow my box is 5 1/2 X 18" X 26.5" I only have 174 watts of CFL's burning at 6500K there are 4 23W and 2 35W bulbs over vented by an 50 CFM outtake and a 50 CFM Intake blowing a steady light breeze over the plants. I started 12 days ago with 3 BC Sweettooth and 2 Bagseeds wound up with 1 Sweettooth plant and one bag seed which if i remeber correctlly was some pretty good mid. They are alone in two 16" pots filled a soil mix of 50% scotts soil, 45% perlite, 5% composted maure topped off with a small mix of bone and blood meal there is gravel on the bottom for drainage also. so there in a nut shell is my grow. If you guys think it's straight or shitty or whatever just lemme know... I am looking for any advice you guys have.

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  2. What should I do about fertilizing I need something that i can buy domesticlly in the U.S.
    And I am going to flower with hps
  3. Come on Someone help me out.
  4. I'd do CFL's for about another 4-5 days, then pop your HPS on them. Ive recently done a project where I start with CFL's and start with HPS. I had 120w of cfl and 400w of HPS, the HPS was the way to go. You can buy nutes anywhere online at a hydroponic's shop. Look around the board for links to hydro shops... is where I got myl ight and my nutes.
  5. I use Miracle Gro Soil for food. Everyone sais that it will overfert my plant, I have a spot O that big (literally the size of the O) that is yellow. Might wanna try that too.
  6. Yeah dude miricale grow will fuck your shit up the same thing happened to my first plants your screwed if you dont change them outta that soil it kills your plants slowlly but surelly that spot will only get bigger. you might be able to save them if you transplant them into some diffent soil. that my opinion anywayz. IS it the moisture control shit or the continuos feed or what.
  7. get sum all purpose plant food, or u can go to ur local garden shop, n ask sumone who works their, for a good Organic Fert... get sum for veg, n sum for when its flowerin.. the one i use is organic n is call... Grow Power Pluse.. good fert....latez..
  8. I had me a little knat prolem and went a bought a venus flytrap to fix that i also bought some 5-1-1 fish emulsion for vegitative state will this work?

  9. Yes
  10. i use shultz 10-15-10 with micro nutes i put 5 drops in a litre instead of 7 and no nute burn! it was 3 dollars i also got a shultz 10-10-10 i never tried and miracle gro bloom booster 10-52-10 everytime i added it on my old grows seems to kill the leaves even with a 1/4th strength
  11. Well friends I'm up to day15 and things are still running smoothlly the smaller sweettooth is behind the bag seed but still producing at the same rate just smaller. The bag seed seems to be doing really well its 5th pair of leaves are starting to show heres a pic i took this afternoon. I fertilized with the fish emulsion at half strength of what the manufacturer said and i used a very small amount i didn't want to burn them. They still look fine a nice green with no spots or signs of stress. Anything you guys think I should be doin' feel free to tell me more pics comming soon.

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  12. Seems that the plants took well to the fish emulsion the bagseed has grown really well as well as the sweettooth any comments suggestions would be appeciated. Pic #1 Bagseed Pic#2 Sweettooth

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  13. Here are a couple update pics any comments/suggestions welcome

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  14. From the pics should I continue with the half strength fish emulsion? should i feed weekly or bi-weekly? Are they big enough for 20 days? from the pic comparison does anyone think that the plants like the emulsion? they are much bigger today than yesterday but i think they like it. By the way the emulson is 5-1-1 soil ph is 6.7 temp is 72-83.7 deg. F. Thanks New Pics Commin soon.
  15. New Pics! Day 21

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  16. Here are the day 30 pics of the bagseed. It's actually like 8"x8 1/2"

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  17. not bad man they look healthy keep up the good work :D
  18. I'm impressed, your plant looks very healthy. The soil looks a little bit dry, however. Try sticking your finger into the soil about 2 inches or so. If it's dry, give her some water. If I'm wrong, it just goes to show that you can't really tell these kinds of things through pictures.

  19. Thanks guys I am proud of my babies they are doin real good its a danm shame i gotta flower on the 20th of this month. The soil always seems to look dry on the surface cause it drains really well but not to much i had watered last night just goes to show how dry it always looks but thanks for the props i appreciate it. late
  20. lookin good :) keeep up the good work

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