Ok to flower 3 plants in the same pot?

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  1. So I have 3 plants that I've been growing in the same pot. They are 5 months old and I will be putting them on the 12/12 light cycle pretty soon to induce flowering. Before I do so, I wanted to know would I be able to flower all 3 in the same pot. I know it's customary to only have one plant pee pot, but this is a first time grow and I just wanted to test the waters. Besides, they've(3plants) survived this long(5months) in one pot... So if anyone could answer my question for me, that'd be great and thanks in advance. Here's a pic of the pot ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413040426.981529.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413040450.742578.jpg
  2. Lol, they're already flowering dude.

    Is this a joke? Those plants can't be 5 months old.
  3. Theres still some vegging to be done. Individual, bigger pots should help, granted they're getting enough light. If those are indeed five months along, you need to make some adjustments.

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  4. yea it will be fine. cant hurt those plants.
  5. Okay, I have to admit it...I don't get this post nor the responses of needing more veg time??? Guess I've had too much! Have fun y'all! Hehe!  :gc_rocks:
  6. ...I'm so confused. *___*
  7. Those def have buds on em and ready to be harvested soon.. they look sad): prob been root bound most their lifes.

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  8. I would throw them things away! Just a waste! Do some reading, in fact do a lot of reading so ur research is down correctly! U should always try to keep it simple but not that simple!
  9. Its growing sideways :p
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     its much Easier then lst you should try it some time :hide:
  11. Sorry not to hijack this thread But would something like that work? instead of lst just turn your pot on its side ?
  12. Naw it would turn up 90 degrees anyways.
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    Miguel, your plants are too crowded! Your planter is only half full of soil and looking at your plants, you need some better potting soil next time! But you will get some buds off of your plants, and the experience growing will make your next harvest bigger and better!
    I grow 3 plants in one tub all the time, but my tubs are 19 gallons each and my plants are "a bit" larger than yours!
    Valley - I have heard of people growing in 5 gallon buckets tipping them on their side because of the height of their plants. The guy I read about doing this drilled a big hole in the side of the bucket and stuck a big oil funnel from the local Napa into the hole to make watering easier. I'd worry about the buds getting dirty if the plant was too big, but the branches will eventually change their direction of growth and grow upwards. So it is doable!
    I just LST my plants. I let them get about a foot tall then bend them into a tipped-over "L" shape. Those side buds that would have been small, get the light they need and grow larger. And as long as you keep the growing tip a bit lower than the side branches, it changes the hormones of the plant! Having the growing tip low makes the side buds "think" that they have a chance at being the big top bud and they grow accordingly.  You end up with 4 or more buds that are good sized, instead of 1 big bud and the rest all being tiny "popcorn" buds! I think I end up with more bud by using the LST method, even if they aren't quite as large as a single bud could be.
  14. You can only do it with 5 plants or more in the same 2 gallon pot.
  15. Not a grower but do have experience in horticulture.  Those plants will be fighting each other for nutes and water, they will still grow but not as well as if they would have been separated.   Almost seems pointless to separate now as they are getting close to harvest.
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     I actually used lst this year on 5 plants all bag seed 5/5 female vegged about 1.5 months inside on cfl from seed  then 12/12 started outside  my inside grow has a few pics of them when they was baby's and now
    cant wait for these buds to fill in :) 
  17. I'm not going to bang on doing multiple plants per pot. I've been growing for a while and as a future breeder I take all advice into consideration. I've got 3 containers right now with 10 seeds each in different patterns as my experiments progress I get to make observations and advanced breeding choices as the competition of space becomes apparent. My seedlings are finally popping up today and I'm quite excited. My separated seedlings are just boring but the grouped possibilities are intriguing. I've already done 2 sets of 5 plants in one but ended up separating them to observe root growth. Within a month from seed to bud on a 12/12 (I only grow 12/12) schedule the roots of cannabis would barely fill a solo cup. I'm experimenting quite a bit with multiple plants per container I think it's fun. Reading a lot of books helps.

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  18. looks like a lack of light

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    it was ment merely as a joke :) my picture above is beth from my current indoor grow when she was young

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