ok... this place is turning out different than i thought it would be.

Discussion in 'General' started by That Engineer, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    I just have to say this. When i first joined this site i thought it was very informative and had a lot of quality threads on it. I joined in middle feb i think.

    Now i feel like every damn thread is bullshit (including this one...) but seriously everything pisses me off and i have trouble finding things that are actually interesting now. Idk if things have just changed over this past month+ that i have been here but shit is getting weird on here and i dont like it...

    Maybe im not making any sense, anyone else know what im talking about? :confused:
  2. Shit is going downhill lately :(
  3. theres only so much to know about a single plant. once you become a little more seasoned the informative threads become less interesting and whats left is bullshit
  4. You joined at a shitty time.

    It used to be exponentially better, and is bound to return to that state eventually. GC's awesomeness follows a sine wave.
  5. Alright, well hopefully this is the worst of it and it starts to turn around soon haha.
  6. I agree with you sorta. I still like this place but the amount of hate that goes on here is dumbfounding. You would think a marijuana forum would be like the friendliest place in the world. But its like there are some people here who are on the prowl clicking each thread looking to see who they can insult for no reason. Lately, I've been able to ignore that and it has made my time posting here much more enjoyable. :smoke:
  7. fo real man. it's going to get a lot better. hopefully....[​IMG]
  8. yea shit sucks, i blame you
  9. Besides Gumbo and Misc, everyone that posted in this thread hasn't even been here for a year yet.

  10. yes exactly, i keep seeing people bashing on new people are just being generally rude to everyone (especially people with serious questions, which makes me kinda frustrated) I am surprised i havent been told something ridiculous yet in this thread.. I mean i still like this site a lot trust me im on here a lot, but damn people need to lighten up. ill try and spread the love from now on :D
  11. We need more understanding. Some of it simply can't be stopped since it's the internet.
  12. things wouldn't be so bad if the new users would stop bitching about things and post some quality content

  13. alright dude i get it.
  14. Yeah like the 3 threads asking how you pee? Seriously? WTF and why are people posting in them to keep them at the too. Pissin me off
  15. I'm pretty sure since the beginning of this site (or any site really) people always say that it is never as good as it used to be.

    I relate it to the "grass is always greener on the other side" saying. Even 5,6,7 years ago I'm sure this site had just as many dumbass posts as it does now but people's memory just tend to blur that stuff out I suppose.

  16. you should have seen the way things were when i joined

    i have trouble standing this place
    i havnt been on here in a year.
  17. everyone pack a bowl and chill the fuck out

  18. Ill keep it in mind man! thanks
  19. Post the threads you want to see :)

  20. Yeah i could see that, maybe i just didnt notice all this stuff at first... hmmm

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