ok...this just happened.

Discussion in 'General' started by demon666, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. My friend came over to sell my a bag and he told me he had a pill that would "blow" me away. I asked him what it was and he said OC's. I got all excited....if u dont know what OC's are...its Oxycontin. So i asked him to front me one since i just spent all my money on budz and he said sure. Well i looked at it and the name was all rubbed up and shit. He was like thats from it being in my pocket for a while. Well I knew he was up to somethin cause he never gives me pills. So i put it under my tongue and pretend to take it. This muhtafucka starts laughin his ass off and goes....DUDE...YOU JUST TOOK A VIAGRA. IM GONNA CALL YOU BONER BOY!!!!!! Then i spit it right in his face with all my spit it. I was like HAHA motherfucker....im not that dumb. Just thought yall might find it funny.......PEACE
  2. haha thats funny
  3. lol thats great!
  4. you would hae taken oxycontin? :(

    shame on you:mad:
  5. Stay away from drugs. You will get into trouble . Weed is O.K. It is a plant.
  6. Why would you do oxycotin? Very very very bad. Probably the most addictive drug there is.
  7. okay look past the baddness of oxycotine and see the funny in this... because it is damn funny! Good job!
  8. Ya, it is funny though. :)
  9. Im just experimenting with it...besides...they are very rare around here. the chances of me finding it are about 1 in 100.000. i got it from my friend in VA before. i just like to try new things. well...hope the story gave ya a good laugh...PEACE

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