ok think im ready 4 harvest

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  1. 50% of the hairs are turning a red color.....
    i got 1 big bud on top
    lots of medium to small buds in the middle
    been flowering 4 about 5 weeks...
    havnt watered in 2 days
    I want a good energy high not a dumb high
    that big bud on top is strangly only about 30% red hairs
    Im wondering if i should cut that big bud off the top too let bottom buds get better light....maybe for next 3 to 4 days and then cut the rest???...i need techniqes...any advice would be cool....tx.....
    oh the plant is about 19 inches high...
    75watt hps with bottom flouros
    havnt fert in a week..
    looks like maybe 2 ounces of bud....
    sorry 4 all the questions but plz dont answere if your not sure what your talking about....tx
    also could i cut a small bud off my plant now to smoke??joonsen lol..

  2. Considering im smoking my own sweet NL bud right now I might qualify to answer,

    High is determined by strain,
    Sativa up buzz, tall lanky plants
    Indica couch buzz, short bushy plants
    Most strains out there are a combination of both you wont really know till you smoke it.

    I generally wait until about 70% of hairs are red, I do however sample the goods at your stage also, I wouldnt pick on the big top look for a medium size bud that has the most red hairs and clip it off give a few days and smoke it. Other than that sounds like your doing ok, you can harvest anytime now but the trick is doing it when the trichomes are at there peak, a few days one way or the other is not going to make a huge differance anyways.
  3. cool i grabbed a lil red bud....it was 70% red haired.....got it hanging in a bathroom no1 ever uses......do i need a fan blowing on it?
    when im ready to chop the plant down do i
    A. cut at very bottom and hang upside down or
    B. cut each bud at the stem and hang upside down?
    ....maybe a link explaining such methods.....tx....please also let me know your techniques for chopping and drying.....
    going to get me a few jars soon....think ill try keeping a good quarter bag curing 4 atleast 4 months
  4. Personally my technique is a little diff than others, when I harvest I trim off all the buds and put em on old cookie sheets (easy to hide and move) . I keep testing them till the burn and leave a white ash, if you cure to long they get to dry to soon and they will mold, then when there just right i put em in a airtight container and make sure they dont get to moist if they do leave the lid open for a few hours
  5. Nikidog u r the man .....By the way Nikidog I wil need some assistance when I am about to harvest ....I think I have 3 or 4 weeks more .....
  6. NP, like i said keep em either hanging up like most people or trimmed like i do and "test" those babys daily, when they burn right there ready,
  7. while i got the bud hanging should i trim the leaves off the bud right now or just leave the leafs on during drying?
  8. Let the plants flower for another week or 2, atleast 6 weeks then at the six week point chech the crystals or trichomes as they're also known by. Make sure the resin glands are milky white to light amber brown(very little of this color as brown signifies the degrading process) and the resin has big swollen heads on the resin stalk(thc crystal.)

  9. i think i must be sorta confused.....i have stated that my hairs are getting red....and i believe right now i should wait till 70% are red.......but after reading more its not the hairs but the little white crystals on the leaves that i should be watching......som1 please clarify my thoughts.
    that lil bud i cut off for some quick smokage smells wonderfull:)...my ole lady says it smells strong but to me it smells sweet....like a fruit:)...
    also when drying should i leave the leafs around the bud attached or cut them right off?
  10. I myself trim them off right after I harvest. I've left them on before and notice the drying time is alittle longer, but when you have to trim leaves after the budz have dried(stem snaps when bent) alot of trichomes fall off.

  11. Get yourself a cheap 30x + magnifying device and then examine the trichomes (the lovely pretty shiny specs) in more detail.

    Trichome condition at harvest is pretty much personal preference. If you want a couch-lock, OMG stone, wait until the trichomes change to cloudy white or amber. If it's an energetic high you are after then harvest when the trichomes are colourless.

    Apparently it's to do with the different cannabinoids in the trichome at different stages....

    Originally posted by MisterIto at overgrow:

    "When the glandular trichomes are clear with very little, if any coloration, THC levels are at their peak with CBD and CBN both at levels that will not overly influence the THC with their sedative effects. Some prefer more overwhelming narcotic type effects, allowing the resin glands to cloud and begin to amber or darken to increase overall cannabinoid content. The resin glands appear and therefore will mature at different times. A compromise is made when determining the desired overall maturity level to harvest. It depends on the growers preference in effect and palate."

    I tend to trim take of the top bud and leave the lower ones a few days to fill up when growing a non FIM'ed plant.

    But I'm odd.

    I also agree with Greenbudz (though again this is personal preference grower to grower) to remove leaves as early as possible. Not only will it save you work (and trichomes) later it will also lower the time of the initial drying stage and minimise the risk of mold.

    Further it is not a good idea to have any direct air movement on the hanging buds when drying. This will make then dry quicker and make a more harsh smoke. That kinda homegrown taste. Y'know?

    The drying process should really take as long as is possible without letting mold get your buds.

    I tend to hang for only a few days til most of the moisture has gone then lightly pack into airtight containers. Everyday I empty and repack these (to let fresh air in). This process is repeated for two weeks to cure the bud.

    If you can wait.

    The quality of smoke is worth it.

    Slow down.

    Take a hit.

    It's not ready.

    We brew our buds a little longer....

    etc etc

    Good luck and good growing.
  12. wouldnt happen to have a pic would you?
  13. Friend if I had a way of taking 30x magnified pictures I would be a happy happy man!

    They're unmissable once you look under mag though. They are the little sparkles that appear on your buds and fresher leaves.

    If you look closely during the flowering cycle you will see them expand and fatten up like tiny balls on tiny stalks. They start translucent and slowly turn milky then start to amber and brown out.

    I'm not from the US but apparently you can pick up a 30x scope in Radio shack for less than 50 bucks. Alternatively a jewellers loop does the job fine.
  14. that lil bud i cut smoked great....smooth as fine girls ass....was definatly a happy energetic high....lol...hell i went to chucky cheeses with my kids....lol...kicked hydro thunders ass and hid from chucky:)......(that rat freaks me out)
    soo looking at the hairs isnt a good way of determining anything.....?...must look at thc crystals thru 30x mag. scope:).....tx....
    since my last post all of my buds seem to be fattening up..
    for general knowledge this is a plant grown from kickass bag seed.

  15. The hairs are right you're in the ball park. Trichomes are right you've got yourself a home run.
  16. no pics??? your like a cock tease :D
  17. See Other Post - Mag Pic

    But FYI I am a tease. Not cocks as a rule though. :D
  18. lol sorry but i dont have digi camera yet

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