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Discussion in 'Politics' started by dangle, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. what is your honest opinion about obama? no, i don't mean a cleverly worded assertion of glenn beck's beliefs. i personally will come right out and say it: obama sucks.

    you know what?
    i gave up on his bitch ass awhile ago
    he's just another cardboard hack.
    i stay clear of politics these days. let those who give a rat's ass get huffy about it.

    obama will be president in 2012 though. you know what's going down on 12/21/12. anyway enough side chatter... thoughts on obama?

    i only want the truth so if you're going to state some tv hack's case, you really should just leave now.
  2. hes gunna be the one to impliment martial law probably after 2012 maybe our technology will advance. robots. and shit
    fast ass electrical cars
    maybe eventually flying cars. at least thats what they taunt us with... it could also go this way... years and years of modern day slavery which is already going on., maybe they legalize weed but tamper with it all so its becomes killer or like alcohol that kills...the possibilities are endless with obama. most of them end in deaths(liberations) of people. everybody needs to unite and stop racism and focus hate againt the boys in blue. the 5-0 the agents from matrix. we will have to fight for our freedom soon
  3. dude, alcohol can't kill. stupidity can though. picture someone smart with a glass of wine. okay. now picture someone dumb with a bottle of everclear. how's that for imagery?
  4. i dont know what everclear is, sounds familiar but i dont drink much and i actually quit.. yes alcohol does kill but i dont really wanna argue about it cuz frankly i dont care, its definately not good for you whether it directly kills or doesnt. the point i was making was what if weed becoming legalized coast to coast would be like the alcohol of our soon to be great depression? would you think the weed would stay natural or would the powers that be order to have pesticides and chemicals sprayed on our herb? which could kill us in the end and stupify us all.. i mean ive seen it locally so why not on a global scale under alot of ppl eyes? everyone is already dumb enough because of the education system and war on drugs propaganda
  5. are you saying im dumb? i drink just like everyone else but i know my limit. speaking of limits, ive had it up to here with bush and obama. they act like they love us but what they love is war (and probably like clinton getting their dicks sucked). it's just a whole pyramid scheme scam... i'm on the verge of tears this government sucks so bad. and once i thought of going back to my homeland in somalia things were so bad here.

    oh did you know the us just invaded somalia?

    oh and about the pesticides... i don't know where you get your sacks but almost all non-homegrown budhas the shit sprayed out of it.

  6. some people don't and you can die from alcohol poisoning.

    yeah, i think Obama is a big hack which everyone throws their faith into, pretty soon the government will run our health care, we'll never have any justice or competition in the markets, and we can all be 'infected' like which the FDA let Bayer do with selling HIV infected medication to France, Europe, and a couple other countries.
  7. dude.

    you did not just say that. i have hiv and you really think the government would do that? dude... i can just tell you that god would never accept it.
  8. i never said you were stupid if you read my post right.. and sorry to hear theyre invading it or whatever theyre doing but everyone has it bad in some way or another were all in a prison. im black too its bullshit but whatever that makes us stronger cuz now our mind has the dark skin color which everyone looks so badly upon. obama has used this skin color to maybe give us false hope that blacks will make it or maybe we will who knows. but its just to get ppl to love him. BULLSHIIIT. and the pesticide stuff i dont think that was the correct word i meant.. what i meant was like the shit they spray to enhance flavouring and appearance... ive smoked some shit called cheese... this was SHIT for sure waste of fuckin money definately sprayed cuz it gave me headaches which i never have sober or high. anyways i didnt finish readin the posts before i replied.
  9. these guys are not god or anywhere like the gods portrayed in such novels as the bible and quran lol they are the opposite only good on the outside. you know nothing but so do i. also it sucks to hear you got hiv you got tainted by the g. live life the best you can i guess isnt that what were all told to do?
  10. sorry for reading you wrong. i got pretty baked tonight. slowly coming down. it may be time to take some more...

    yeah, obama's just a lying nutsack.

    i voted for him though. what would you want me to vote for palin instead though?!

    dude i have to confess... i thought you were blknazi and i was like what there were black nazis?
  11. I think Obama is a joke. When it comes to democracy, I think you're choosing between coke and pepsi. Or, as Matt Stone and Trey Parker so elequently put it, between a douche bag and a turd sandwich.

    i can just tell you that god would never accept it.

    I can think of so many valid arguments here, but I'm just going to leave it right where it is.
  12. you need to chill on the dank my brotha. i know a dude like you. from somalia but smoke so much dank he gets stupid sometimes. lol its blknazn cuz im black and asian. and yea i wouldve voted for palin at least shes hot. then again i dont vote and didnt vote. and no no black nazis. the whites hate us are you crazy. people correct me but i had this thought in the back of my head that white people hate black people from the way they were raised but also black people have been raised like that too.. maybe it wouldnt be such a bad idea for the earth to cleanse itself to unite all races of humans afterall

  13. lol god wouldnt accept it and thats why he runs the afterlife ;) the devil runs the physical world everything in his books are reversed here and dont apply hahaha
  14. human beings created the devil.

    We run this shit show.
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    hahahahaha is not much of an argument in the face of someone who's met god. is your argument that the holocaust happened or something?

    fuck the earth. god can do it himself. he can do it with the earth but the earth can't do it without god.

    man, i thought you were blknazn as in "black nation". tricky screenname man...
  16. Oh come on, dangle, you know we've never met face to face.
  17. oh shit... first chronicman001 and now you?
  18. This thread could be a volume on how to bastardize the English language. Really.
  19. the thread isnt long enough to be a volume. FAIL
  20. lol and dangle you havent met god have you...watchu smokin on man
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