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  1. Alright...
    I posted a thread last night about how my boyfriend was getting of Probation on Tues (tomorrow), and how he was pretty awesome through his whole smoke break (except for a couple understandable grumpy times) and just to do something nice that he's not expecting cause I love him :p
    I was going for like a munchie basket with some other stuff on a $20 budget
    here's what I ended up getting:

    Metal Basket-found in my room- free
    Big pack of Nutty Buddy bars and big pack of Oatmeal cream pies: $6 @ BJ's
    Two cool lookin Flick my Bick lighters-$2
    "How High" movie from Best Buy: Free with gift card
    Bag of Funions and Sun chips: 99 cents a piece
    Monster and a Red bull: $4
    4 blunt wraps, Blueberry, Strawberry, Sour Apple and GA peach:$2 total

    I stuffed the bottom with the Oatmeal creampies and Nutty bars and put the rest on top all cool like for a grand total of: $16

    Hope he likes it!:D
  2. lol this thread made me happy. your so sweet:p

    i'm sure your boyfriend will be ecstatic when he sees his goody basket!
  3. That's a pretty awesome idea, you're much more creative than I am.
  4. I think I love it!!!! I love you and thx. I'll be sure to share a little of my 2 ozs of mid and 1/8 of sour D. A LITTLE. HEHE:D
  5. I wish my girlfriend was like that.

    Kudos to you.
  6. You da shit!


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