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  1. I have read some guides now got a basic idea of what I am doing now. I have just planted a clone in a baby plant cube thingy, with root growing hormone. I am hoping that will work, works for most other plants.

    Now my box is a 12x12x24 painted white insides. it has 2 100 watt bulbs and 2 200 watt bulbs. I am unsure if I should use more or less. I know growing in a small space is not the best but I am hoping it works. I am not looking for the plants maximum size. I am hoping this set up will allow me to grow it relatively small. I mean 2 feet is pretty big for a plant x.x I have air going in and out no worries about that. I have a door to check to see if it needs water or not. Got the lights set for the normal 12/12.

    Now my questions are....
    What benefits dose checking the pH balance do?
    Is there any way to increase how much THC the plant makes?
    Will this box work, or will I need bigger lights? make it wider?
    Are putting nutrients in the water every other day really worth it?
  2. First off, if you are as I assume in the vegetative state of growth(in fact it seems your clones havnt even rooted) your light times should be anywhere from 18/6 to 24/0.

    second, what sort of bulb are you using, that could either be way too much light or not enouph

    third, what strain are you growing? your box may be too small, it may not depending on what strain you are growing. my first guess is that it is probably a little short tho.

    fourth, yes adding quality nutrients to your water is definatly worth it! I don't know about every other day, just judge based on how your plant responds. start with a little and then up the dose gradually untill you see a faint yellowing on the tips of the fan leaves, this is your plants threshold, maintaining nutrient levels at this point will be the most efficient course of action.
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    Oh boy, where do I start...I'm going to assume that the baby plant cube thingy you speak of is a rockwool cube. Rooting hormone=good start. Cannabis likes slightly acidic water(5.8-6.2 is what I shoot for). If you're too far from here you may need to think about adjusting it. Most grow shops sell cheap litmus paper tests to get you started. Trying to clone with 12/12 will never work. Up the light to at least 18/6, but I recommend 24/0 until you see roots coming out of your rockwool then you can back it down to 18/6. Your reference to 100 and 200 watt bulbs leads me to believe you are using incandescent bulbs. Unfortunately, all light is not created equal. If in fact you are using incandescent lights, these are not designed for nor will they do much in the way of growing plants. I recommend you go to walmart and buy a 3 pack of 23w CFL's(compact fluorescents) for $10. These are the energy saving bulbs in the shape of a curly Q. Now, for the size of the box. I have grown plants with only 2 feet of vertical space. You will need to switch your lighting to 12/12 when the plant, from top of plant to soil, is approx 8-10" tall. On average, a plant will double or even in height during the approximate 2 month flowering cycle. You do not need to add nutrients yet, because you don't have any roots to absorb them. Wait a week before you add any nutes to your water. Mist the plant leaves daily as at this point the leaves are the source of moisture intake for the clone. Best of luck and I'm sure we'll see more questions from you in the very near future.

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