Ok - So what's all your take on this one??

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NFloyd2357, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Nice, I've gotten my hands on a decent amount recently myself (DMT) so I'm curious to hear more about your experience. :)
  2. holy fucking shit dude hook me up!!!!!
  3. honestly, this is all highly possible and such..

    if you think about it.. our brains create electrical pulses, for our thought processes and to send commands to body parts. If another person's brain could interpret those electrical impulses as well, the possibilities are nearly endless.
  4. How do you propose that another person's brain has access to the electrical impulses in my brain?

  5. Same language, right? Electricity. But even if we disagree over this, there's still the Tao.
  6. So I mean are we talking about some kind of physical laws which allow brains to communicate telepathically? Or is this something which is either non-physical or which requires the belief that "physical vs. nonphysical" is just an illusion?

  7. Believing in physical laws requires one thing, and no it's not physical laws.

    It's belief.
  8. i'm the one it happened to and i still dont even know what it is... i just know it is, and you can trust me on that. I've been meeting more and more people that prove to me that humans are just evolving, and i think thats the case, but who knows. all i know is a lot of strange metaphysical stuff like this has been happening to me, and its overwhelmingly interesting and confusing. Its leading me to take up meditation, because i think its the only thing that will erase the "confusing" part of it, and clear my mind up enough to be able to use it more properly. i dont know a single thing about proper meditation, but i'll deffinitely get into it soon - or i'll either go insane, or find another source to klonopins and get addicted so i can just numb my brain and become ignorant to myself and the world - which is always excellent at the time
  9. Uncertainty is beautiful. I suggest that, as you explore your potential, you abandon entirely the idea of certainty: keep that mind wide open.
    Coincidence, telepathy, etc... it all seems to be part of a larger awakening of human consciousness. Interestingly, the more we look for such things in our lives, the more apparent they become.
    You might enjoy any of Wayne Dyer's books, in particular his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. He seems pretty far along that path of evolution of consciousness.
    A prediction from another sometimes prescient being?
    This is just the beginning.


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