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  1. The foundation actually makes very reasonable rules which are agreed upon by the person with powers. There is first an open test in which you'd be told the correct numbers to guess to ensure that the experiment itself was not impairing your ability to say numbers correctly. If you pass that (which you obviously will), then you'd do the actual test. There have been many applicants, all have failed the test. Many of which were very confident they'd be able to succeed-the foundation does not make ridiculous rules. You may believe that the foundation would wriggle it's way out of having to pay if you actually passed a test, but the fact is no one has ever passed, even though they were perfectly confident they'd be able to succeed, with all the rules of the test given to them beforehand.

    If you can guess something like 60/200 die rolls correctly, you could very very easily become rich and famous.
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    cool man - may i ask what type of meditation you got into? Im deffinitely starting soon, i just don't know which route i wanna go. and beleive me, the threads will keep coming lol - GC S&P is my sanctuary - i'd truly think i was insane if not for this section lol. Not to mention the deeper i get, the more threads i find myself needing to start - or reply to

    thats interesting, but it doesn't sound entirely like what i can do. I can only do this with certain friends, so first thing - my friend would have to be the one doing the numbers. Second - there is literally a 1-second interval when i "catch" his "vibe" and know what number he is thinking. This usually happens exactly when he thinks of the number, and i can "feel" him think it. Usually i can tell he just thought it by a physical action he makes (ie moving an arm, looking somewhere else, opening eyes, looking towards me), and at that moment, i get a vibe, and my intuition just gives me a number. If i stick with that, i get it right. If i second guess myself, i get it wrong. My friend and i increased our guessing game, first from 1-6, then to 1-10, and then yesterdeay to 1-20, and all went pretty smoothly. I've noticed that if there are any distractions, we won't be able to do it (ie my friend playing guitar, which i obviously have nothing against my own favorite hobby - but something to do with the music just interfered with my sense-perception or soething). So yea, i wouldnt be able to "predict" what numbers are going to be rolled on dice - i can connect with my friend and get into his head, but i can get into the mind of an inanimate object... yet

    either way, its cool that they are offering 1 mil, but i dont think i could pass. my friend would need to be there. and thered be no way of proving it, cuz i literally can only get the number right during a 1 second span, and thats usually the 1 second he picks a number. I always "know" when im gonna get the number right, or if im going to get it wrong before i even say it.

    and yea, im sure your thinking i should be skeptical of my friend lieing, but i know hes not. Not only because i "know" hes not, but because we also put a few controls in, like him holding dice with the number facing a certain direction, or him putting the number into his phone, etc etc.

    its crazy shit. I wish i knew how i'm able to do it, or what im even doing. Its something i can't even describe, so i dont even know how to improve whatever "skill" im using, and what other practices i can do to get better. again, crazy shit i never thought id be able to do. i feel like im matilda or some shit, only a guy... and 13 years older
  3. im thinking of a number between 1-30. ;)
  4. i like this, its interesting
    ive learned only recently to trust my intuition. has not failed me yet.
    i completely understand what you mean by sending emotions and stuff like that.
    lately i have been able to almost know what a person is thinking just by making a connection with them if they will let me.
    its really hard to describe beacuse i dont even know what i do to make a connection. but its almost like i use my emotions and energy to reach someone else.
    ive actually sent emotions and signals to people across the room not even looking at me or focusing on me in any way and they actually sence my signal and look over without even knowing what i did.
    have you even walked past someone and just had a bad feeling?
    walked into a friends house and feel confortable and welcome?
    had a feeling that girl was into you?
    i think all that kind of stuff has to do with the energies we let out, and others can detect.

    just understanding and learning how thoes energies might be one more step to better understand how things work.

    of course this is all just stuff i made up from my own expienece
    might be completly wrong....:confused:
  5. i totally agree - its a tough thing to explain, but i think you did a good job... once you are at that level, you just understand it, but can't really explain it fully less to someone else who has experienced it
  6. This is all yada yada yada
    None of it is proven true til you Prove it, so make a relevant contribution to science and be the first person to do so

    then again all others who've made such claims have been debunked plenty under empirical observation

    So the crux of the matter is do you believe a person's claim or the proof of their claim? Logic would tell you the latter
  7. Very interesting. keep playing around and see where it gets ya.

    Lately i been thinking a lot about "expansion of consciousness/self-awakening". i hit a fork in the road of my life, and i'm not sure what way to go. i need a hint/sign of some sort to show me what direction to go.

    thats cool that a lot of you feel like everythings coming together. i have a little farther to go before i feel that way.
  8. wow dude that's cool. but were you high when you had your first experience? cause i had something similar happen between a close friend of mine and myself where i kind of sent him a "latent telepathic" message and it was like visual text leaving from my direction going into his brain and he'd try to comprehend while i sent him the rest of the message. anyways we both saw this happen, however we were high as fuck and had drank caffeine that day which apparently helps people hallucinate. it'd be cool if MJ helps develop these abilities.
  9. i think MJ does help in a way. i wouldent be who i am today at all without pot.
    i think weed is a "gateway" drug to enlightenment. its a nice stepping stone to opening up your mind to reality. it helps you use your brian if you can figure it out. watching hours of sitcoms and reality t.v. has just the opposite effect
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    logic is stupid, and science is ever-changing and proves nothing. Theres no way for me to prove something like this on an online thread, nor would there be a reason for me to post it had it been made up. I wouldn't want to make a relative contribution to science when i already know the truth and already feel it - i have no need for others to beleive me

    this is metaphysical, there is no proof to the claim. we're in the spirituality and philosophy forum, theres a whole lot of knowing the truth without having any proof. thats what makes it spirituality

    that was me not even a few months ago man. You've literally quoted a line from a post i made a while ago when you said "ive been thinking a lot about 'expansion of consciousness/self-awakening." i've said the exact words, and i got really interested into it, because somewhere i kept getting clues that i should be interested into it. THe farther i got into it, the more confused i became, but then everything gradually starts coming together. Don't search for clues or answers, they will come.

    actually, i wasn't high lol. We were about to eat, and we blazed after that. although that does somewhat describe how my friend and i communicate without "communicating." very hard to explain. Also very cool... and to the non-beleivers, i guess all i can say is that the catepillar will never understand the butterfly - not less it becomes a butterfly anyways
  11. You're right, I don't think they could design a test that would satisfy you. Because even if tests show that you can get it right no more than as if guessing by chance, you'll be able to explain the misses away and still be sure of your hits.

    Which could be perfectly valid, but unfortunately since there can be no empirical (third-person) evidence, I have no way of knowing.

    (so, I'll stop complaining about science :))

  12. good advise.

    i just can't seem to relax. my mind is always racing, i overthink everything.
  13. same here. Whatever you do, don't let em medicate you for anxiety though. I went this route when my anxiety/overthinking became unbearable - it helped a little, but its better to learn how to just sort it out on your own. I still get a script to klonopins for when i have those really awful days or a panic attack, but i didnt want to stay on prozac for anxiety, so i weened off. I still have awful anxiety, and i still feel insanely confused about the direction of my life right now, but ive noticed lately that things are falling slowly into place. its a good feeling.
  14. I don't mean to be a "thought" killer as i'd like to put it but, there's two things to take into consideration.

    Out of what range was your friend thinking of, like 1-10, 1-100, 1-x?

    and two, how do you know he wasn't just fucking with you? haha
  15. Wow. I've read of numerous experiences exactly identical to yours, one dealing with the writer who wrote "Philosophy for Dummies". If you are really interested in this type of subject matter I highly recommend the works of Terrence Mckenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Christopher Hyatt, Peter J. Carroll, and there are a bunch of others out there.

    There is a large wealth of knowledge out there regarding these ideas.
  16. That's a good point. His friend may not be the type of person to do that though.

    For a legitimate ESP experiment try using a deck of cards. One person picks a card and "focuses" on it, the other person tells them what the card is without ever seeing it.

    I've gone that myself a couple times. With a deck of 52 cards, getting the number and suite is ridiculously improbable. Doing it multiple times in a row (as I did) is even more difficult to logically interpret.
  17. It just goes to show that somes things are just not meant to be logically explained.
    It is all metaphysical after all.
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    I started reading this thread and got to this point and I just had to post, I've been doing my own research which has mostly been through books I bought myself and as I choose the books I also feel which book is the correct book to purchuse next so my learning can progress in a fashion that I could piece together, also the internet as well as various forums have been a huge help for finding other sorces and it seems to me that throughout the past say 7 years that I've been doing this, we have been learning, evolving, and Feeling together. My outlook on the world has change from one of fear to that of curiousity, I am speaking of my imediate feeling towards the world.

    And then there is the "field work" the actuall partaking. And when you say "im done fucking with my head" I know what you mean. But lately Ive the urge not to just tripp but use the Disipline I have gained and Utilize my past experiences and knowledge and delve into the deep again if ya know what I mean.

    Edit: to let you know how excited i was to get that out I just reread the quote and got to the you just bought acid part, i don't know if youve takin it yet, but acid is FUN FUN FUN, Like finger painting. Just be happy, have some chicks around and youll be quite the Mak garuenteed, its like jet fuel for the brain, were as the DMT based psychedelics are very spiritual and get you intuch with the world, Acid is like an atomic bomb going off in your soul that makes me want to get up and dance shout out in joy Whoray, it really shows you your own personal style, good for that sorta stuff but never found it usefull for actuall ripping my soul out of my body sorta experience, I found it not so inward and more outword, Sex is great on acid I recomend chicks even if they aint trippin your energy will just be pouring out of you and they will feel it uplift their soul and be drawn to you like moths to a light, just make sure they arent your friends girls, everyone will regret it latter ;)
  19. yea, hes deffinitely not fucking with me. I mean, i dont always get it right either. Hes my best friend, and the last person that would fuck with me, or anybody for that matter

  20. The last time I tripped acid I started discovering things like that, I posted something like that on a thread like 6 hours ago. I finally did DMT tonight though, i'm too drunk to blog currently but i'm going to tomorrow.

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