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    You guys have read my threads and posts here in s&p, know my deal, my views - I've been really getting into expansion of consciousness/self-awakening, all that good stuff - and for no reason in particular - just bizarre experiences i've been having. After looking into all this, and doing a shit ton of research, i've realized how magnificent and capable the human mind is, and how incredible its abilities are. However, even with this insight, i never really though i would obtain out of what most of us consider "the ordinary."

    This is where it gets weird. I've posted a thread a while back asking for GC's input on "my recent mind-phucks," where i seemed to read my friends mind, and send emotions to him. This is where it all started. From this point, i became very interested, and my research began. With meditation, drugs, consciosness, wanderers, indigos, crystals - i've researched it all. I still never thought that humans could have these crazy capabilities, or that we could be evolving. Well, im chillin at a deli waiting for our food with my friend yesterday(same one from "mind phuck" thread). and he sees a dice on the table, picks it up, and goes "what number am i thinking," and without hesitation, i said the exact number he was thinking. Ok, no biggie, just a coincidence. So we do it again. and again. and again. and again. and again. We did this 20 times, and i got exactly 19 out of 20. I tried it with another friend and went 5/7. I think it depends on the person, cuz the one i went 19/20 for im really tight with, and he claims hes "sending" me the signals - which sounds crazy, but every time he says "what number" i feel a vibe or an energy, and a number immediately pops into my head - and its always correct. he just tested me via text message "what number" and i got it. The only times i've gotten it wrong was when i second-guessed myself - everytime i went on intuition... bingo.

    this is crazy. I've always understood the capabilities of the human mind - but never thought i could actually obtain these miracles. I feel like this is the first stepping stone. I can't wait to bend spoons - or have objects levetate to me ahaha, either way, crazy stuff, and its really weird/exciting. My first "mind-phuck" had me all twittered for over a month. I literally thought i was going crazy. Now i just think my mind is realizing its potential. cool shit:smoking:
  2. I'm sure you've heard of the statement that only 10% of our brain is consious in our everday life. I think what is happening to you is that you are expanding that 10% to a much higher number just like the rest of us.

    I think we are all finally evolving, and the main reason it has taken this long is fear. Fear of not knowing what is to come, the fear of not knowing what will become of us. I'm sure that the human race as one has finally transended this fear, as you will, and will now be capable of things that we have never imagined doing before. There are no limitations to what we can accomplish as people, if we activate our mind's consiousness. It is like a trigger, once the trigger has been switched, things that we thought were impossible are now possible. These astonishing capabilties will come pouring into the minds of the people in which are ready for them.
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    wow dude.... you've like... quoted words that i have spoken before haha. Thats sort of a beleif of mine - which is why i try to hang around with like minded individuals. I've pieced too much research together, so it could all just be speculation - but i really do think humans are exponentially evolving, and our minds will continue to do so until 2012/the end date, when we finally all reach this point, and finally understand the meaning of one. i personally beleive the whole "end of the world" is just an "end as we know it" where we are all brought together - heaven on earth. one love, one heartbeat, one soul, one god - etc. I'd like to think that this coincides with all my mayan research, but i'm not sure enough people are awakening yet for this to happen in 3 years. However, its great to see that other people are gradually getting on this same page, and understanding this same concept. I've been meeting more and more people in my life as of late that experience the same things, and have the same beleifs. Its quite a phenomona, and i really like it... its giving me hope. I really meet more and more people, usually 20 and under it seems. a few i've met have been older though, some even in there 40s or 50s. but ive found the younger, the closer they seem to be on my level.

    also, this sort of correlates - I finally just bought acid for the first time - still never done it, don't know when im going to... i'll follow intuition. I couldnt do it before, cuz of the meds i was on, but i can do it now - i just want to wait until im 100% ready, and know why im doing it. when i was on my meds, i would have dropped acid as soon as i saw it, but that never happened, nor would it have worked - my mindset is apparently different now. Im done fucking with my head, unless i know why im fuckin with it, i guess

  4. not trying to be a dick. buy that statement is false. the whole you only use ten percent of your brain is just a myth,

    read an article on it, gonna go try and find it.

    but i do beleive that we as humans have powers that we dont know how to use, or at least some of us.
  5. Yeah when you experience that connection with someone on a telepathic level it is really cool. It's happened to me a few times, although these instances have increased in frequency over the last 6 months or so.

    Also I'm noticing so many things syncing up if that makes any sense. Aside from more strongly feeling my intuitions and such I've also noticed a plethora of coincidences(if they are coincidences) in my life. It's weird it is like everything is synchronizing in a unique and harmonious way.

    Pretty interesting, things are finally coming together.
  6. In the middle of class the other day, me and my friend looked at each other at the same time, then winked at each other at the same time, and then laughed at the same time right after that. It was so weird that we were in sync with each other without trying.

    blowteinfluence, I don't think there really is a way of proving or disproving what our mind is capable of. Our bodies are too complex to simply understand through science. It goes far beyond that level imo.

    And you are absolutley right bommer, everything seems to be coming into sync with each other. It is as if we are all finally becoming ONE.
  7. i agree. my reality and dreams have been markedly different for a couple years now.
  8. Haha, reminds me of that family guy episode.

    and to the OP: if it was mostly anyone else who made this post I'd think they were lying, but for some reason I completely believe you (about the guessing numbers). it's buzzy shit.

    and man, you're gonna enjoy acid. make sure you post up a trip report man!
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    yea man. i mean, beleive what you want, but id have to be a total loser to make up a lie like that on the intraweb lol, and expect and respond to serious responses. It does sound totally crazy that that could happen, but it did! and thats why im posting this haha. regardless, i like the responses everyone gave. i think it helps give me a little security knowing oother people have similar beleifs and occurances. cool - humans are evolving - i just got that feeling from fourth grade when my warturtle evolved into a blastoise! oh god, i just said said that

  10. Totally agree with this post. :)
  11. You know, you can win a million dollars from James Randi Educational Foundation if you can prove that you can actually do better than chance guessing numbers...

  12. Prove to me you can prove something first, James Randi.
  13. James Randi doesn't need to prove to you that he can prove something, all that matters for the million dollars is that you can prove to him that you can do something paranormal.

    If you are able to do it via text message it'll be especially easy to prove, since that way they can eliminate the possibility that you're communicating with body language or cheating in some other way.

  14. lol He does need to prove it, or we can't prove he'd ever accept anyone's proof.

    Sure, we can try and be made fools of. :)
  15. The rules are agreed upon by both parties. So if you're not happy with their rules, you just don't do it at all.

  16. Right, but show me how it's possible to guarantee a win without good faith on the part of our founding friend.
  17. Well, for example, the probability of guessing 60 out of 200 die rolls (only 30%, certainly easier than 19/20 or 5/7) by chance is around 1 in 3 million. I'm sure the foundation would agree to some such test, with perhaps more die rolls or a different proportion. If you then agreed, and got that many right, there would be nothing they could do to deny a win.

    Even if you think James Randi's panel of "experts" would just flat out deny that you passed the test even if you guessed the required number of die rolls correctly (which seems unlikely to me), you could still easily demonstrate these amazing powers to a (sympathetic) parapsychologist.

  18. Right, after being publicly humiliated to make a point (and argument).
  19. i would never be able to prove whether or not i was chance guessing. I have no way of proving it, its just trusting what i say - and thats why hes offering 1 million dollars- because even if he was certain that we were telepathically communicating, he could just say we were "lucky" and it isnt proven
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    10% mind thing.
    It just a myth.

    I just started doing meditate, my life is already turning around, feeling much better and more peaceful and feeling more engerized now.

    Always love your threads, keep em coming. :)

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