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  1. whew, glad THATS behind me! i made it thru christmas verrry well this year. i cohabitated with my parents for 36 hours (a miracle on its own),i fixed my computer,(all by myself if you can believe that :rolleyes:),it snowed for the first time this year,all day christmas, my kids were happy with everything they got or at least their doing a good job of pretending,so it was nice,...
    nice and funny.
    my husband who was not suppose to purchase any gifts for me, gets extremley nervous about my lack of computer ability last week so YOU know what i was thinking! i even started planning my first picture....BUT
    it was not to be,
    i got 3 reaally unexpected presents
    the first thing is funny and all im going to say goes on my car, the 2 is funny too and also for my mobile and was around the same price as my freakin camera...all im going to say is its a good thing the baby likes to rock. i dont know what the hell he was thinking?...lol i do not feel a bit bad i didnt buy him anything. oh yea and i am viewing you thru my new 17 inch screen :) trust me HUGE upgrade.
    so did santa bring you anything this year? because i think maybe the elves fuked-up and you got my camera.
  2. Hey highawatha! I have your camera! I got one, and didn't really mention it to anyone, it's a pretty nice one! Now I can take tons of pics for my mom who keeps bugging me for "upgrades" haha! Now who has my watch?? :)

    As for my Christmas, it was great as well, spent some time with my brother, which is rare - he lives 8 hours away, and found out he is smoking pot again, should be for a fun NYE celebration :) I cohabitated with my parents too, hard when I live with my BF for over a year and they still insist we sleep in separate rooms because we're not *married* yet !! (I love them though!!)

    My bf, Phishhead bought me the Led Zeppelin complete studio recordings, which was the biggest surprise of all. The best gift, I will have it forever, it will always make me happy, and it came from my soulmate, so it will be a constant reminder of our love. OK I'm sappy but really super stoned. Santa brought some BubbleBerry mix and stuffed it in our stockings, well that's what Phishhead says anyway.. :)
    I also got the Simpson's DVD set ~ how different it was when it first came out!!

    As for the cat (we have no kids) I figured his new toys can wait since he keeps knocking the lil Christmas tree down and tossing the ornaments all around the house...

    I feel super spoiled ~ how was Santa to the rest of you??
  3. well my christmas was kinda lame this year. (I live with my dad) and we were real tight for cash this year. We didnt get much, and it was the first christmas i've ever spent without my moms parents( my ant moved them away to a nursing how where she lives..........hundreds of miles a way) and only the secnod xmas since my mom has passed away. I'm just greatful for what i've got...........a awesome dog, a great dad who tries, and the little bit if kb i have left.
  4. .....(wiping away the tears)..........dude you just totally blew me away.
    Thank you for the reality check........and I'm so sorry for you're situation with you're grandparents. You've been able to see the good things in you're life and celebrate them.......you're dad is lucky to have you!!! Big hugs and bong hits 2 you!!!

    My Christmas was............better than I thought it would be. The boys got some stuff-some $$$$. I was set for filling boxes with COAL!!!! I sapped out at the last minute, so they got some stuff.

    As far as the parents....wellll they split up last year, so it was a whole new juggling act for me. One peculiar thing was my ex-mother-in-law asked me and my ol' man over for dinner on Christmas Eve. My ex happens to be a fugitive and doesn't come around so he wasn't there. It was...........OK but wierd.

    I wanted a watch, too. I planned on pickin' it up myself, though, after Christmas. My ol' man broke the unspoken rule that we don't get each other things-our birthdays are in February so we wait and do it then. But NO!!! He went to the local (similar to) Huck's and got this cute little penguin for me. Then he uses it against me later in our little "I love you the most" game. Totally unfair tactics. I told him he'd be sorry on his birthday-I was gonna buy him a buttload of crap! As much useless shit as I can find!!! LOL!!!

    I'm glad everyone had a good Christmas!!!!

    New Year's Party at my shack!!!!!
  5. The year of the hats.

    I had everybody asking me around thanksgiving what my kids and wife wanted. I told them them what was on their wish list, but being a smart ass, I said all I wanted was a hat. So guess what I got?

    two John Deere ball caps.
    one eskimo fur cap with ear flaps.
    one peruvian-type wool toboggan with a big puffy ball on top and two strings off the ear flaps that have big poofy balls.
    one "Survivor" bandana that I wear around the house as a doo rag.
    And my favorite - a big cowboy hat!

    That makes a total of six hats for big poppa this year.

    I also got over 40 bars of soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc

    I have no idea what everybody was saying with hats and soap, maybe I need a new haircut and to shower more often.

    I also spent a weekend at my parents in a sunny Florida retirement community.
  6. All I got for Christmas was a pair of socks and a piece of ass, and they were both too big!

    Got to spend time with family (my side) and the kiddies all made out like bandits. Got a nifty two-way radio thing that only took me about 3 hours to figure out how to use. Mega Walkie Talkies basically. Got 2 whole days of just me and momma! That don't happen too often!

    So, I've been off all week in every form of the word. One more party looming in the immediate future and then back to the trenches.:(
  7. thanks,
    I'm goin to the big easy tommorow so i can get out of the house.

  8. Sorry, you must have got the presents that I tried on and sent back cause they were too little for the Big Poppa Puff!

    Yes Unoit, you are right about the cowboy hat and the fish pond. Hell I've got a use for every hat. John Deere hats for tractor driving and going to the Co-op to pick up feed, Big furry hat for sitting on the porch in the winter smoking up while wearing birkenstocks and shorts, and the peruvian toboggan for those early morning chores.
  9. my christmas wasn't too bad. I got clothes, knives, a razor, and a Cd case. My mom and my step-father are seperating. I think it'll really hard for my lil sister. I'm used to it I guess, I've had 3 step-moms and 2 step-fathers. I had the worst Christmas ever I think. I didn't do anything but miss my x- girlfriend like krazy. It was a pretty lonely holiday and New Years isn't looking much better.
  10. That's so true and I'm thankful for it!


  11. Yeah, I'm pretty brave when she's not around!:)
  12. My favorite present came from....ME! Yup, I decided that I wasn't good enough for Santa to pay me a visit this year, so I took matters into my own hands. Got a big sectional couch with reclining ends. Only one small problem...big fat orange cats and dark blue couches that attract every little piece of fuzz and hair make an irritating situation! But man, it's sure comfortable.

    My boyfriend got me a scanner, so he can upload pictures of stuff he wants to sell. I still have to figure out how to run it.

    Got lots of snowmen this year, too...from candle holders, to ornaments, etc. Kinda like Big Poppa Puff with his hats, I mentioned to a few people that I like snowmen, and EVERYONE got me one! Note to self: next year, tell everyone I like money! Maybe it'll work *lol*.

    Exploring haunted houses...I wanna come along, Amanita! Sounds like fun.

    Oh, and (((((JESTER))))) hope the new year treats ya good. Hang in there.

  13. I like this little guy.

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  14. I got myself an dsl account from verizon. I installed the software and set up the modem and the rest on x-mas eve, and spent most of the night downloading tunes. Wow the present that will keep on giving.

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  15. i got dirty shoe prints on my liveing room rug ,a 12 pack of mikes hard lemaid is gone and some fat old drunk is face down in the yard! hehehe! lol
  16. i got good shit for x-mas brah
  17. why would you dig up a 7 year old thread?
  18. god damn, this is ancient

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