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Ok so theres a problem...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. I have a court date on the 19th an im sure im gonna get probation...if thats the case should I stop smoking right away? or will they assign me a drug test date?:smoking:
  2. I think as long as you say that your THC levels will go down you should be alright.
  3. just stop, its for the better. what happens if they drug test you the next day or something like that. its better to just avoid any further problems so you can toke in the future.
  4. I got on probation and told them to expect weed in my system for the first test. If they're giving you tests once a month then as soon as you're done with your test you should smoke..
  5. but lets say they do gimme probation will they gime a date or get me by surprise:confused:
  6. hmm, it all depends if they give you random or monthly. I would suggest stopping now. btw howd you get yourself in this situation? i've been there, sucks for sure.
  7. :mad::(ill stop monday fuck its gonna be hard here we go again with these sleepless nights..
  8. Whats the deal if you get probation and get a medical card?
  9. Itd be just like any other medication... they couldn't punish you for the THC in your system because you have a script.
  10. Get a med card and you have no reason to worry.
  11. whats a med card??? how does that work?
  12. Ya man i just got bustedand have court in about month or two. I tried to make it seem like i dont smoke that much and i go to school and shit. One of my buddies told me the best thing to do is get yourself in classes like AA or drug counseling or anything and show up and pass and try to make a real good impression. Im sure it will help in the end.
    My question is do they staion your p.o. or move yyour p.o. according to where you live or do u have to keep going back everytime?
    Send me a private message if you can
  13. they dont have med cards in boston =( but since you asked its a kinda ID card that says you are a medical marijuana patient and it lets you go to the clubs in cali where you can purchase weed legally under state law but the feds can still fuck with you =/
  14. how much does that cost? How old do i gotta be?
  15. I believe the face to face meeting cost at least $125. You have to be 18.

  16. I see..what do I need like do I tell them i have insomnia?
  17. I think its ok to fail your 1st drug test because that just lets them know you have it in your system, but after that I think they test you more often and watch you more carefully. I advise stopping now and passing your first one, and waiting like 2 or 3 months once you get your drug test cycle memorized. That way you can try to beat the system.

  18. thats so easy is it to get one of those cards???

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