ok so the other day..

Discussion in 'General' started by jfresh420, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. i was at work,just me and my boss cuz it was a slow day,and when its slow i hang out in the garage..so he says come here! only thing that came to mind was "fuck! hes gunna bitch because ive been late everyday" well no...i go into his office and hes like what do u think of this? so im like what:confused: he pulls out a pound of afghan kush straight from afghanistan where hes from...i didnt know what to do..i was like oh ive never smoked the stuff..hes like bullshit! you came in so many times,eyes all red..i know!..so i was like how would i know how it is unless i smoked it..sure enough,hes like,heres an 1/8 take the day off let me know..

    my only response:eek::eek:....:wave::wave:thank you,see you tomorrow!!!

    btw..i got simply fucking retarded! i smoked half a J and couldnt move! my room still reeks of it 3 days later haha

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