ok..so now not sure what to do

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  1. ok so im tryin to get a new bong..and in short i was looking at ehle 250ml all hooked up with roor diffusers and screens and shit....but due to some problems i can't get that..however im still looking for a bong..so i have a few questions..

    firslty what kinda bong should i get? im looking for either a straight or a beaker and 2ft MAx under 200

    and secondly.. how would a no-name brand 1ft tube with a no name diffuser go compared to an ehle or anything like it? like is there a HUGE difference? or...not really
  2. Nice sig. But I don't know shit about bongs. I just vape everything.
  3. Functionally, a single chamber tube will perform the same whether it's made of glass or acrylic (or a pop bottle, for that matter). If you're looking to spend money on glass like this, you should be doing so because you're interested in having a badass looking piece to smoke out of/want a piece that's easy to clean/is classily constructed. If you think it'll give you some magical power high you're going to be dissapointed.
  4. I bought a footer off of the city's shop with a spot for ice for 50 with shipping and a grinder. It works great and hits insanely hard without ice, the bowl is about a gram too, great for smoking with other people. I get smoked up all the time from people who want to have a nice sesh with it.

    Glass Ice Bong - Dutch - Grasscity.com
  5. i know what you mean...but like you would know a difference between a roor and a no-name brand..roor just zips right through your mouth super quick and nice taste..on the other hand like a biohazard draggs SUPER thick and its not even worth it, breaks easy and dam hits harder than mohammad ali
  6. Beaker style base (holds more water for smoother hit, more stable)
    Straight tube (you'll thank yourself when it comes to cleaning it)
    Diffuser (they make a difference IMO. Local glassblower modified mine for 10 bucks)
    Ice Catcher (keeps the ice in the chamber, not melting quickly in the base with the water)

    These are some of my favorite qualites in a bong :smoke:
  7. definately a good selection for when i am looking for a bong i need a certain requirement..

    ice notches...sturdy.. and not biohazard :)

    but im just saying.. like how would a no-name straight shooter compare against an ehle or a blue label roor?

    or should i just save up and buy them?
  8. I've never smoked a Roor, but IMO a no-name bong like I have with the qaulities listed above will hit just as good as any name brand bong with comparable features.
  9. I have 3 RooR bongs (2 straight tubes, 1 beaker), and a RooR ashcatcher at the moment. I've owned a variety of no names in the past as well. ;)

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