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ok so im infected

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. or somthing.........lovely

    every fifteen minutes or so i get a system shutdown message
    blah,blah,blah,you have one minute to save your work in progress,....blah,blah nt/secutity system... then my computer shuts off and restarts
    what have i done?
    what can i do?....

    ok now i got this little message "generic host process for win32 aparently it has problems and needs to close they are sorry for the inconvenience........please tell microsoft about this problem.
    btw im on windows xp or somthing and i think kazaa is bad. :D
  2. thank you very much im doing this at this moment.......i figured it was kazaa. this is not good. not good atall.

  3. well make you sure you have all the Microsoft updates anyway, since theres a *VERY* large hacking epademic about to happen. A code was written that makes its very easy to access anyone w/ port 1666 (allmost everyone) computers... so yea, and yup, a virus scanner is a really good idea if you have kazaa.
  4. i had it and made it go away
  5. *crosses fingers*.blondie i think you were right. i did the patch, very difficult when you get booted i could connect and then i had literally one minute to find the page, save it, get booted, get on again find the patch,.. and do it! hhhm, i hada worm. funny thing i just saw it on the news while cooking chow for the chillins...
    worms eek....
    thanks so much for your help i couldnot have done it without'cha
    its been a few minutes,...fingers still crossed .please let me be fixed.

    ya mean i got all paranoid and deleted all my music and kazaa that i thought was was contaminated for

    thanks again and again......
  6. mslegallyblonde, thankyou you were right.
  7. my kazaa still works fine, een though i rarely use the devil prog.....

    if you want a good file sharing prog.....get soulseek... an awsome program...:)
  8. thank you ;)

    or are ya just teasin me again?
  9. ya, i dont really care anymore, when i first turn on the comp, i have to wait like 10 minutes before i can start my internet, and if i click it it just waits like 15 min... and out of the blue i get a message and i have to close it out, it shuts down everything on my comp, like my virus scanner, anti virus, everything but aim.... so i just say fuck it...
  10. its the rpc dcom exploit

    go to and download the latest security update for your OS
  11. THANK GOD you arent infected...


    lol, now computers, I dunno I hope you figured it out, Idint read all this I ewas just happy to hear that it wasnt YOU. lol :D ok, i just went back and read. WHEW! :)

  12. nope its the best file prog there is... im not one to tease....:)

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