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Ok so I tried hash for the first time 0_0...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by svr_2008, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Well it's me the guy that had questions before my first time smoking hash (, and I'm back to tell you guys what happened.

    First of all, i didn't get high, or baked...I got fucking RIPPED. Secondly, I'm still semi-high so bear with me.

    Ok this is how it all went. Yesterday, my friend came to my house with a friend of his. I thought they wouldn't have any hash left but turns out they still had 4 pieces of 3x3 cm hash.

    So basically how we did it was we take a 0.5 L Lipton Ice Tea bottle, burn a hole in the side, and then break up the hash into little round pieces. Next my friend lights up a cig, takes the hash and puts it on the tip of the cig, and puts it in the bottle.

    I was first. I took all of the smoke in, and surprisingly I held it in for about 5 secs before letting it out. I thought I would cough my ass off. But I didn't. Next up is my friend and his mate while I'm just sitting there feeling nothing. After they took their hits the bottle goes back to me. They said it was the best hash they ever had. I inhale and hold it in for 4-5 secs.

    I thought that was enough and I told my friends I'm going home. I start walking there...and everything starts getting really tipsy. Like the world is moving left and right. I got dizzy, so I fell down in the grass and looked at the trees for a while.

    After about 10 mins of watching the trees, I decide to go back ot my friends. When I get there I tell them that I didn't make it and fall down in the grass beside them because the dizzy feeling didn't go away. After like 2 mins my friend comes up to me and hands me the bottle which is full of smoke. He loaded it up already and I thought meh you can't overdose, so I took another hit (3rd one).

    I layed back down. I would of gotten up but everything's so freakin spinny I thought I'd puke so I lay in the grass and listen to their convo. It was really interesting for some reason, and it felt good they weren't talking to me, because I wanted to watch the trees.

    So I was thinking about some shit and then I forgot what happened. Somehow I ended up at my house, and then this weird ass shit starting happening. It's like...I wasn't controlling myself. It was like I saw me through my eyes but it wasn't really me. It felt like I had a dream about what I was doing, I thought it wasn't real. It's hard to explain.

    After that I went in my house and layed down on the bed. Then my mom walked in and I got that fucking feeling again, like I wasn't there. So I thought, I better put my phone away (that was in my pocket) incase this isn't happening and I was somewhere else.

    Some time went by, and I remember me and some other friends went to take a walk. I kept getting that feeling, it was weird because I would stop and focus my eyes and the feeling would go away. So I kept trying to tell my friends about how I was tripping, about how I was feeling as if I wasn't there, but I kept forgetting or something.

    Next I don't remember much, except for we were walking around a long time and I remember thinking a lot about stuff. At about 8pm (we smoked at 3pm), the hash was slowly letting go. I remembered how watching a movie while high is fun so I went home and turned on the TV. Some James Bond movie was on, but I couldn't really watch it because I couldn't concentrate, I had so many thoughts rushing through my mind. Also, I didn't laugh. I thought I would laugh at least once. Somewhere between I remember eating some bread, tasted good, although I don't think I was hungry I think it was just a placebo because I read you get the munchies.

    After that (at 10pm), I was still kind of high but mostly it let go. So I was high from 3pm to 10, that's like 7 fucking hours. I met my friend again...and they were gonna blaze again. Well I had to blaze again so we did the whole procedure from step one, and I took 3 more hits of hash. I stayed with them for like an hour or 2 then I went back home. I didn't really feel anything....I wanted to watch a movie and laugh but I tried again. This time some stupid ass series was on. Once again I couldn't watch it because I was thinking about too much shit and it was boring as hell. And I didn't laugh. I turned off the TV and went to sleep at around 1am.

    I woke up at around 10pm. I went to my mates house and they were gradually waking up too. We talked for a bit and stuff and at around 1pm we walk around and sit on a bench in the forest. I had a lipton bottle and my friend still had hash so we decide to blaze up again.

    He does the same thing again and I inhale first. Held it in for about 3 secs before coughing a bit. The bottle goes around the 3 of us again and it's my turn again. I take a second hit and give them the bottle. They were sitting on the bench laughing talking about some shit and guess what? I get dizzy again. So I go lay down on the grass. I lsten to them talking for a bit and then I start thinking this weird shit. First I kinda panicked because I had my phone and wallet and I was laying on the ground and I didn't want to lose them. So I was thinking about that while they were talking...I couldn't get up because I was dizzy so I just listened to my mates talking. While I was laying on the grass he tells me to take another hit. I was kinda scared but I took another hit once again and this time sucked it down good (Snoop Doggish good :p). i lay back down and listen to what they're saying and thinking about seemed really interesting. After a while my friend asks me for money to go buy something to drink for us. They could walk but I couldn't. So somehow I took out my wallet and gave him the seemed really hard to do because it was impossible to focus on one subject but I gave the money to him.

    And this is where to started to get fucking bad. I layed back down and started feeling like shit because I didn't know the hash would be so strong. I thought maybe it was laced or something and worried for a bit. I started sweating like a motherfucker. Literally sweat was pouring out of my arms and legs. Some bugs started bothering me and I just wanted them to fuck off because I felt like I wanna sleep.

    About 10 mins later I go lay down in another part of the forest because I was sweating badly nd I thought it was because of the sun but I wasn't laying in any sun. So I walk a bit through the forest feeling like shit. I finally get to a sun free spot and lay down. I couldn't take it anymore. I started puking out some food. The gags went on for about 2 minutes. After that the dizzyness went away a little bit so I layed down. And then after 5 minutes I feel like crap again and puke a bit more. I lay back down and this is where I think the 'peak' of my trip started.

    I was on the grass just staring up at the trees or with closed eyes, I start hearing thing really sharply. I thought I heard a car drive somewhere like 5 miles away. I start hearing bugs crawling around. The sun got really yellow and everything was really bright. For some reason I got mad the bugs were crawling around so I thought to myself "This is my sleep area, go to gell bugs". And I mashed the grass a bit so I could lay down again. Meanwhile my friends came back. I wanted to go take a drink but couldn't cause I know I would puke and I would be dizzy so I just layed there.

    Eventually they go away because they get bored but I can't because I'm feeling like shit. I go lay down on the bench once their gone. Again I get a need to puke so I puke again for like 3 minutes. So I go lay down in the grass lol. AND PUKE ONCE AGAIN. It was fucking hell, it's like I was sick. So I lay down and I had some gum so I stick some gum into my mouth. It tasted real good because it was sweet, and once it wasn't sweet I spit it out and popped a new one in. So basically I ate all my gum.

    Around an hour passed I think, and I could finally walk. So I got up and walked back to my house. I promised my dad I would do some chores so I did them. Nothing really happened...maybe they weren't as boring, but they still sucked ass and I felt as if my vision is different (I could see things more clearly), and I felt kinda tipsy. After helping him I went and layed down on my bed until my friends came (not the one i smoked with) around 10 mins later and they're bored so they ask me if I want to go to some city nearby. I'm like whatever. So we're walking through the woods with my friend blasting his music because he had a phone and me just listening to it and walking along. 15 mins in we get freakin lost. Everyone's like ohh no, but I was just like "Calm down you're moving too fast" lol so yeah was kinda baked. We get lost so I whip out my phone and turn on the GPS. Another 20 mins of walking and we get to the city.

    Nothing really happened there, we were just walking around...I wanted Pringles BADLY and couldn't find them anywhere. Finally I found them in some store and just gobbled them down. Tasted good. But then again, they taste good when you're not high.

    Then I don't remember much...except we took a bus back to my house. I had to go to my real home back in the city so I packed up and left and took a bus. For some reason while riding the bus the music sounded really good. So I was still baked I think. Also I kept getting these strange thoughts. keep in mind we smoked at 1pm and I was high on the bus (9pm) and I'm still fucking high (1am)!

    So yeah...overall it was an ok trip. Don't think I'd do it again though seeing as how I puked my guts out and I really didn't dig getting dizzy.

    So I have a set of new questions after my experience.

    1. Why the hell did I feel like crap when smoking? Every time I got dizzy and felt like puking or puked. How can I stop this?

    2. How come I didn't laugh THE WHOLE DAMN TRIP? I thought you were supposed to laugh...I never did or if I did, it was forced.

    3. How can you watch TV or something while blazed? Doesn't your mind keep thinking about random stuff? And you're just staring at the TV while thinking other things?

    4. When will my high go away? It's been 12 hours FFS.

    Thanks, and I'm out :wave:
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    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 18, 2008
    Lmao, sounds like you had a great time man... I remember the first time I smoked hash... it was like getting high for the first time again lol...

    As for the laughing some people get the giggles some people don't... The high will pass soon, its probably alredy over but your brains just re adjusting... As for feeling like throwing up I'm going to take it you don't smoke ciggerettes because thats what it feels like when you arn't used to smoking them... If you took the cig out you would have had 10x more fun not had the dizzyness or the nasuia.
  3. great story man haha. crazy that you got dizzy. do you smoke tobacco? thats the only time ive gotten extremely dizzy from smoking. you said you used a cig so that could be it.
  4. the dizziness is most likely due to the nicotine on tobacco, i got the same thing when i first smoked a cig a couple years ago,

    the laughing did not really occur for me the first high, but from then on i have always laughed at everything

    the high for hash, and for a novice, are longer lasting, combined = even longer high i would assume

    the throwing up, is most likely because you swallowed smoke, swallowing smoke happens to beginners and causes nausea often times

    In my experiances, i have learned that some people are not right for weed, and if it continues to do this, dont force yourself to smoke, the whole reason is to have a blast, and if you arn't doing just that than stop smoking (except for medical purposes)

    but do give it a few more tries, maybe you got a sensitive body to smoke
  5. sounds exactly like what happened to me yesterday

    first time getton high

    was trippin balls! same like u , noticing sounds , seeing patterns , laying down , dizziness , spinny world , seeing cannabi leaves in the trees ! , and not being to focus on anything , had to keep my eyes darting around to keep myself walkin wiv my mates
  6. Ok well how do I not swallow smoke :poke:?
  7. Don't take hits that you can't handle.

    As for the throwing up, I think you just took in more THC than you could handle.
    How new are you to smoking/how often do you smoke?
    The 2 other people you were smoking with probably smoke more than you and that's why they could handle it better than you.
  8. was my first time smoking...except for a long time ago where I smoked some flavored tobacco out of a hookah.

    Freaking cigs taste like shit...I woulda rather hit a joint with pure hash or weed.

    Yeah my friends are kinda new at it. They've blazed daily for the past 5 months. They were laughing and walking around and shit and I was just like "ahh...I wish i could laugh at something, or at least fucking walk without puking".
  9. Yeah, if you would have denied the 3rd hit you probably would have been at their level.
    You just surpassed them because you were trying to keep up with them.
  10. Actually they took about 11 hits...I didn't notice at the time but they kept toking lol. I woulda died from 11 hits.
  11. Smoke a little less next time, and try to find another way to smoke that doesn't involve a cigarette in a plastic bottle. Nausea shouldn't keep coming back, unless you're subconciously thinking it will.

    You should probably also just try regular bud instead of hash.
  12. yeah get some dank ass purple kush and let the good times roll my friend.

    Sorry man, im kinda high at the moment man. Please leave your name and number and we will be back with you in a giffy. It will be so far out and groovy you will laugh your ass off.
  13. yo bro, the whole problem was the fact that hash has such a higher ratio of THC than normal weed does. (some hash can have 75%+ THC content upon smoking it.)

    Next time you smoke maybe try some less potent stuff (like bud) or take a small hit, wait a little bit, and if you think you can handle more than take another small hit until you figure out your comfort level. :]

    hope i helped.
  14. the puking is from the tobbacco off the ciggarette.
    use a bowl next time to smoke hash. that or a bong. but not a ciggaretted
  15. well, it seems to me that the dizziness is due to several factore

    - you smoked too much. hash is more concentrated than weed. from your description you smoked a huge amount.

    - the tobacco, especially if you dont smoke

    - your gum. I have had some bad experiences (on weed) when I decided to use my gum for its sweetness. most these gums are sugar free and I think we trick our body into thinking its receiving large amounts of sugar when its not. the body reacts by pulling out sugar from the blood ( to keep balance) so you go low on sugar ( hypoglycemic) which explains all the symptoms. but thats just a theory
  16. word the first time i really got high off hash(made my own qwiso) it was fcking insane! i was crazy blitzed out of my skull. it was in immediate , pretty much Instant body high. I mean instant like before you exhale. Tbacco makes me feel really sick when i stopped liking it, now just the smell is disgusting to me.
  17. hash is awesome tried some legit hash my friends friend made nice goldy brown color and took it in a pipe and hard on our throat but wrecked us
  18. +rep for bottle tokes!
  19. Hey man. Here is what I recommend.
    I think the first thing you should do is get something decent to smoke it out of. Plastic bottles and burning flames do not go well together. You were probably inhaling a certain amount of carbon monoxide along with all the good stuff.

    You can get your own pipe or bong for very little money and it will be much better for you.

    Then be sure to build up a little tolerance with bud before hitting the hash.
  20. too not swallow smoke when you inhale, make sure you dont gulp or anything, you probably are doing it adn not realizing it, used to happen to me all the time, when you inhale keep your chest out dont try relax or get comfy with the smoke in you, itll make you swallow the smoke

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