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ok so i need some advice on bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by *weed*macguyver, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Can you guys give me an idea of a good thick 2 ft glass on glass bong for around 200-250 dollars? I am going to be using this thing with my extreme vaporizer for the most part daily with a few regular combustion rips a month. What options are a must? It doesn't have to look the prettiest just hit good and be as indestructible as possible. Any advice is greatly appeciated
  2. Just get a strieght tube GonG with diffused stem and an icecatcher. Like 130 bucks.
  3. go to all your local shops and check what the have and look at the prices in person. some shops you can talk into giving student discounts (if youre a student) other shops on expensive pieces you haggle on the price a little bit. either way your best way of finding what you want is to go see the actual tubes with your own eyes and hold them and get a feel for em and then you can make a decision on what to buy. as to what features are crucial, get a stem thats diffused and ice notches. if youre hooking it up to a vape the ice notches arent as important but a diffuser breaks up the smoke allowing for even more cooling and filtration to occur.
  4. you're hookin it up to a vape?? idk how that'll work man but good luck....for $200-$250 you can get a nice thick glass on glass straight tube, a perc or two in there possibly if its not one of those expensive name OP said go to local head shop nd check out the bongs.
  5. Best reply so far imo. You want to find a bong with percs, these are areas that can be filled with water and basically filter the smoke. The more percs and better ice catcher = smoother hit. You want to be cautious on the stem the bong can use. Is it replaceable / upgradeable? Can I upgrade my bowl if I wish? Make sure the design is what you like and it's not easy to misplace / not see / bump or knock over. A sturdy bong is a good idea in most cases.
  6. Thanks guys for the advice only thing that sucks is the closet head shop to me is like 2 hours away in WV its called cool ridge anyone ever buy there or try to haggle a little money off??
  7. Ok, so after months of reading the forums, your thread has finally made me register and post. I have been to cool ridge twice, most recently on Saturday. They have a great selection, and very reasonably prices on most items. Bubblers and small spoons seem to be the exception here; I have gotten 2 bubblers at cool ridge. They are both beautiful pieces (I will post pics when I get around to it), but they cost $130 and $230 respectively. I saw an illadelph "killadelph" bubbler for I think $529, which is hella expensive, although name brands usually are. My friend bought a small spoon here for around $60, which I find to be a tad unreasonable. However, they have many awesome bongs, and the prices really can't be beat. I got a nice green, yellow, and silver glass bong (I think it is 18") for $47, and that includes a slide, although it isn't glass on glass. Most of their bongs seemed to be similarly priced. I ordered an awesome 16" glass on glass molino ice bong from grass city for $182, and I just love it. I bought a 14mm diffuser downstem for the molino at cool ridge, and it was $27, which I think is a decent price. So my advice would be to drive out to cool ridge and take a look around. You can get a good sturdy bong there and convert it to glass on glass for probably less than $150. Since your budget appears to be more than that, you can probably have a lot of fun looking around at cool ridge. My friend just got a nice big metal grinder there with a kief catcher and a magnetic lid for less than $30. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to post here or PM me. I live in pittsburgh, which is a good hour and a half away from Morgantown, but my friends and I are already planning another trip to cool ridge. It's that good

  8. They make adapters that look like bowls but they slowly get narrower so the tubing will fit snuggly inside the adapter.

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  9. If durability is one of your main concerns then the thicker the glass the better. I've got a 7mm Gear and I'd have a tough time breaking it if I tried. Not really sure why you want to drop 250 on a bong that you are only going to smoke a few times a month and just use it to vape the rest of the time though

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