Ok...so I just farted and it smells DANK!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kagaos, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Alright this is kinda weird, and perhaps a bit disturbing but I just farted and it smelled like dank weed. At first I'm like WTF? Did I leave a batch of weed somewhere and forget about it? Then I remembered:
    The other night, while I was wasted, my friend and I went out to look for some ditch weed...just for fun. Then we found some, and I'm like MMM smells nice, so I ate a handful, stems, seeds, leaves, and all!
    Could this be why, just now I farted dank?
    Hahaha, I know this seems outlandish but it's true!
  2. You must have been piss-drunk if you ate seeds/stems/leaves LOL!
  3. Believe me I was...the only reason I remember is because my friend was telling me "how you ate that ditch weed last night" :D
  4. how the fuck do you get lucky enough to look for ditchweed, and find it?!

    and since when does the body convert ditch-to-dank?

    either fart into your bong next time, or find that weed, cause it shouldnt be ditched, haha
  5. No, I knew the general area where it was, cuz me and my cousin found it one year...there's literally like 200 plants there. Crazy. but it's definatly ditch we smoked it one time.

    And as for converting ditch-to-dank, my question exactly. Idk its fuckin weird.
  6. Ya my bro has had weed smelling shits lol:laughing:! I guess it could happen. They should make Lysol that smells like dank
  7. i would never buy weed again if i knew where 200 plants were.
  8. Hahaha, well at least this isn't an isolated incident! :eek::D

    Same here...assuming they were good to smoke. These are all ditch :eek:
  9. Its wild,seeded, hempy low THC weed though, basically garbage IMO.
  10. Lol, I bet it stunk like dank because Im pretty sure ditch weed still has the stinky oils and terpenes(?) in it.
  11. Yeah that was some of the skunkiest, stickiest weed I've ever...well...tasted :eek:
    If you get a blind guy within 200ft of that stuff I'm sure he could smell his way to the plants.
  12. thats why u should get a whole bunch and make cannabutter and make all sorts of edibles
  13. haha tried that last year...we musta had like a pound of that stuff and made a shit load of butter, it was terrible tasting. Five pieces of toast later I was almost ready to puke....got nothing from it besides a little confused. What a waste of butter :p
    Maybe it's better this year! :rolleyes:

    P.S. Just a little bit of info, I remember when I was eating it my entire mouth went numb, and when I drank water it was like drinking fire...that's a spicy meatball!

  14. man you need to get in there and pollinate those bitches with some dank males. next year they might not be so bad

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