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Ok, so I just ate 2 tablespoons of Nutmeg...

Discussion in 'General' started by StickyGanja, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. <hr style="color: rgb(236, 252, 178);" size="1"> \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\tI have been dry and broke for the past week and I am pretty desperate to get high right now so I decided to try some nutmeg after reading about people experiences with it( http://www.erowid.org/experiences/su...st_Times.shtml )

    I'm kind of doubting it will do anything though since I used some cheap pre gound nutmeg that I picked up from Wal-Mart instead of buying the full nuts and grinding them up(which people say is the best way to do it)

    Anyway, I was just curious if anyone here has ever tried this before?
  2. never tried it but im curious to what it does to you....repost and tell me your experience
  3. take more....yes i bought the same shit from walmart...it fuuucked me up

    for a whole 3 days worth of effects :eek: have fun:rolleyes:
  4. i heard nutmeg can make you really ill if you take too much
  5. It can kill you if you eat too much,

    Also from what ive read (might not be creditable) but the ground up nutmeg wont do shit.
  6. I did 32 grams both times i did it...from what I read thats dangerous...maybe thats why I was uber fucked up...(not really a great fucked up tho) its one of those things where you be like 'yeah tried that, move on' type thing
  7. eww...i'll just stick with illicit drugs :smoking:
  8. 32 grams? Damn...that's insane.

    What chemical in nutmeg makes you trip? I wonder if there is a way to refine it.
  9. supposedly your suppose to trip (hallucinate) the first day..well I didn't know that..so i really didn't look for it...it has by far the longest onset for a drug that I know of...

    that shit will give you the reddest eyes, also the harshest cottonmouth...you'll never quinch your thirst...i felt so tired...and weak too..
  10. Do you think it would work if I smoked a couple fat nutmeg blunts?
  11. i didn't know nutmeg could fuck you up. interesting.
  12. You always have some of the dumbest posts i read on here
  13. i feel realy bad for you man
  14. Why do you gotta be all over my nuts man? It was a joke..get over it.
  15. No No see what you gotta do is snort it.

    Stop trying to get high off nutmeg people get real drugs and put the nutmeg back in your moms kitchen k?
  16. I think you'll need to take more, i ate 10 grams and got a pretty decent body high, no sickness or anything...more probably would have been more enjoyable, best of luck :)

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