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    Ok, so the other night, I go out to pickup an 1/8th from the dude, and, I meet the dude on the beach. He discreetly hands me the shit under some tree cover, I shove the bag into my pocket, and we talk there by the water for a minute or two. As well, my bro was with me, so were just bullshittin', and as we walk towards the parking lot up the hill from the beach, I see this guy, walk down onto the beach towards us.

    Now, we'd seen this dude chillin' near my guys car at a campsite near the beach when we pulled up. He was an older, scraggly lookin' dude, wearing shitty worn out clothes, and smokin' a cigarette. Id seen my guy with this dude in the grocery store once, but I had no idea who he was. We hadn't been introduced to one another, but anyway; As he's nearing us,
    my guy says in a low voice ; "hey, thats my buddy's uncle, he's a cop, act cool"

    my bro: what? really?
    my guy: yeah, just act cool
    me : what? okay...

    so, he's walking towards us, at an angle so it looks like he's just gonna walk past us, not really looking at us, and vice versa. At this time, he reaches into the breast pocket of the shitty T-shirt he was wearing, acting like he was reaching for a smoke, and turns toward us, and pulls out a leather case, then flips it open, revealing a shiny, gleaming badge.

    Him: *bleep* Police Department, step over here with me boys, and lets have a little chat.

    Now, I just froze. Didn't say or do anything, tried not to look shocked or scared. Even though I thought this was the real deal, I got to thinking. Wait a minute, why would they waste money on sending an undercover to bust one tiny ass buy?? And that guy was nowhere NEAR us when the bag was handed....then I started to get it. Just as I thought that, the "cop" and my dealer BUST up laughing. I then read the badge, and realized it said something to the effect of "Security Dept." or some shit. My guy got us good, but according to the "cop" dude, I had quite the look on my face when he flashed that badge.

    Guess I failed at the whole not looking scared thing.

    But yeah, theres my story. Enjoy!!

    TL;DR - Dealer pulled a prank, now go read it and stop being lazy.

    p.s-He was REALLY convincing in delivering that line. He acted EXACTLY like our officers do.

  2. In b4 clive

  3. ummm, what the fuck?:confused:
  4. Sorry, I worder it wrong... In before Clive
  5. The fuck are you talking about???
  6. damn dude... i woulda ditched my weed way before then tho. just in case.

  7. Repped
  8. I thought about it, but we were WAY too out int he open at that point, it would've been completely obvious and would have just gave ourselves away.:p

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