ok..so honestly i don't know what to do

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  1. ok so there's this girl..X..she's fucking beautiful. I've known her for almost 8 years now and well she's kinda my neighbor. Not exacly neighbor..but you knw- a few houses down-status neighbor. And i've liked her ever since the first time we met.
    i dont relaly know how to put this...so im just going to write on.. whatever comes to my mind.. ..so if ur not down to read my life and stuff, you could leave, or not but if not, then any help is appreciated.. i reallydont kjnow what to do..and you'll understand when im done the story.

    ok so story time..

    ok so i've known her for 8 years.. 8 years of where i started to become social. before moving there, i had litterally no friends and well a pretty horrible (in my eyes) condish. mom was never home-parents divorced..24/7 talk shit on eachother and expect me to relay the message like a messenger.. i wasn't really happy..until i met her.
    Moving to a new place always seemed like a bad idea..i mean i've moved 4 times now..not a lot but it does get fairly annoying and its just not fun..never could be to much in a relationship..but then again i was like 10. After moving in and meeting a few of the neighbor's kids i started to get a long with them and it was good, then i met X and it was great.. we had so much incommon-loved the same stuff, liked listening to same music/eating same food/pretty much same family condish (divorced, hate mom, etc) at that time.. she was a pretty big tomboy and we would always hang out and we got along really well.
    it was a pretty good nieghborhood.. i mean we had 6-7 maybe 8 people out at a time and have a lot of fun playing some football..basketball..tag..rollerblade, etc...even X participated and got down in dirty with us.
    As we grew older, we got closer and closer to eachother and it would be good-we would just talk and talk all day like the days never end, it was amazing..i cherished those times i was with her..which was a lot of the time..so i loved life a lot :) However, she was one of those girls (this was middleschool/highschool status) who loves everyone..and so i dunno..i really really really fuckin liked her..but she was always clingin onto my other 2 neighbors aswell as me so i was got that confused shit..but it was whatever cause she wasn't my gf or wife or whatever..can't tell her what to do and shit, she does what she wants..which is one of the reasons i like her so much :))But as time went on and new friends came, and old friends went.. she started to hang out with this kid, Kaeden...he fucked it up so hard with me..
    Ok, so there's this guy-Kaeden..and he's in college.. and X is a junior and he is unbelievably uncontrolably on her like a fiend..and obvviously she falls for him cause he's "mature" and all that shit.. so when they were "goin out' he told her not to ever talk to me or some shit and started some beef with me and got her to almost hate me for a long time... that was one of the worst years of my life. almost all of my friends...of which i hought.. was haning out with this kid that talks shit on me nonstop all day for no apparent reason and the woman that i liked so much absolutely hated me.
    After she broke up with him..and after he failed to fight me and all this other shit happended.. i decided to make it a point to talk to her and try to become friends with her again...success. we had so much fun everytime i wouldd hang out with her.. even if we were just sitting in wetgrass i didn't care..aslong as i was with her it was all right. yea and i dont know.. i like this chick so much and i dont even know if she even likes me a little back.. it kinda sucks, honestly. So.. around this time.. i also met a nother girl..Julia.. she was everything i wasn't which, for some reason.. got me goin crazy for her..but i always kept my shit with x more..but i had such bad..well still have pretty bad self confidence.. and yea i nkow its if u have self confidence, then all the girls digg it and if u dont then they know u dont or something..but comon.. im one of the only indian mother fuckers in a school filled with 3000 rich white kids who do nothingn but snort coke, smoke shwagg weed, and mad racist shit all day..its kinda hard trying to get a chick to even notice you...but it wasn't really that bad.
    So, i went out with Julia for a whole 3 months before she was "bored" and "got over it" whidch was whatever cause she never liked to do shit..never liked hooking up anywhere.. never reallhy wanted to kick it.. always hung out with her ex from a long ass time ago.. just sketchy shit which was whatever and she texted me breaking up 5 feet awahy from me in class.:hello:
    So after all this shit.. i did a little magic mushadvent and just figured my life and well i REALLY did like X and even when i said that to Julia that i liked her..yea i tried to make myself belife it..but in the end- it just wasn't true..i dont wanna be shady..but this is shady.. i was a virgin and i just wanted to get the deeds over with.. i think i mean that's how it started with julia till i liked her then realized i didn't..yea confusing..confuses me aswell.

    so broken up with julia and x still single (her ex took my ex) i started to hang with her even more and that's all we'd do.. just go to coffee shops and talk and it was really nice..and so before school started i was going to ask her out to homecoming and formal and my plan was to ask her out during the year/formal and hopefully take her beautiful ass out to prom...well that was the plan atleast.
    Until my mom found my stash and kicked me out of the house.

    that's when shit turned horrible...not only did i have a horrible year at my dads.. i lost communication with X..and well now that she has graduated..i dont think i can take her to prom anymroe :'(

    so fuck my life

    skipping ahead---

    Ok, so since she's graduated-she's going to go to humboldt (haha and she's never smoked weed btw....ever..not even today) in two weeks..and well everytime i see her.. my heart just explooodes and its so nice..if that's not weird..to hang out with her

    she's going to humbolt in two weeks....and..well i dont know.. 4 years gone..that's a long time.. and so GC..here's where you come in.. i was really wondering.. should i tell her how i fell about her?

    i was planning on trying to hang out with her before she leaves and then last time i'd see her, i'd tell her how i felt..kiss her on the cheek and walk home..but not like I LIKE YOU!! fast kiss and diip..but u know.. righfully.

    but i dont know.. what if she doesnt' lke me anymroe..think she'd slap me? cause fuck that im not down to get hit..women are crazy...sometimes ;)

    haha but yea seriously..help me out :)
  2. She was a junior in HS and was dating a dude from college? Hmmm

    Also she said she liked him because he was mature? LOL he just wanted her pussy

    She was dumb because she believed the shit talking he said.

    She seems to go for the douche bags. She's going to get tailed by plenty of guys in college

    I say ask her out and see what happens...If she says no then it doesn't matter.

    Because to be honest with you once she goes to college it's going to be a sausage fest for her.

    Sad i know but hey pretty girls get taken so quickly nowadays
  3. I'd say just be brave about it - no matter what she says it'll be ok, as long as you work on the relationship.

    I've asked out 3 girls who said no, and all 3 are still good friends.

    It might be awkward for a few weeks or whatever, but tell her how you feel (don't be too intense and rant for half an hour about how amazing she is, just tell her you think she's an awesome person, and it'd make you really happy if she'd go out with you or something like that) and if she says she's not interested just say, that's cool - as long as we're still friends it's fine.

    Worst outcome - slight awkwardness
    Best outcome - you get her

    Just my 2c
  4. I would think at worst, you would embarrass her or yourself.

    But, at best? That's what you need to think about xD

    I mean in high school if a guy said he liked me and I didn't know him...I would just laugh because well I didn't believe them since umm I didn't know them lol

    imo go for it

    rather than spend your life wishing you had o.o
  5. ok so from what you guys, and girls, said..it does sound doable..but here's my concern-before i was going to ask her out/homecoming/prom.. i got kicked out of my house.. and for a whole year i didn't talk to her squat!...so here's what im worrieed about..firstly..what if she is completely opposite what i feel for her to me? and in 2 weeks she's going to college for 4 years atleast..She's going to hummboldt..and i live in Orange County, would it still be reasonable to ask her out? or just let her know how i feel? cause if i did ask her out and if she did say yes.. then what? long disty relationship for 4 years..and inbetween missioning it all the way north? maybe worth it..but i dunno like i'd do it..but comon i think between me and a whole college full of stoner surfers.. i think itd be clear what shed say

    but then again.. i dunno

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