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  1. Ok so i droped a seed on the floor i found in my weed now in that exact spot a very strange plant is growing i think its weed. so yesterday having no clue atall what i was doin i went and dug it out put it in a pot and brought it inside, i know very little about growing what should i do next? well here some pics of the plant.

    if this isent weed my face is gonna be more red than a baboons arse.

    edit: woops wrong forum sorry.

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  2. yup, looks like you got yourself a weed plant growing there

    read up on some of the stickies about growing
  3. how'd it start growing if you dropped it on the floor? you must have a wet floor :p
  4. it rained the next night and i put some bong water on it like a day or two after.
  5. fucks sake i was trying to get rid of the pics and i posted somehow, fuck. i cant edit this post!.

    sorry the plant is LONG dead not growing everf again thanks. please dont post here.
  6. That was fucking weird.

    You need to change your avatar to Tweak, much more appropriate I think dude.

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