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OK, question about buying bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokingbud, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. When you go to your dealer, can you ask to sample bud if you haven't bought that price/type before?
  2. Erm.

    Do shops let you taste a new drink
    if you havent tried it before?

    My dealer does because we been buddys for years.
    I make a pick up and he chops an 1/8th worth of sesh so it's alllll gooood.
  3. just buy a g to sample it if you dont know your dealer good enough
  4. i'd say no unless you are EXTREMELY close with him--he has to be like a real friend for that to happen imo
  5. I always try before I buy...

    Take a hit or two to see how it tastes and feels, then buy.

    Will they give you free weed just to try? No, it's not freaking Costco.
  6. Sure you can ask. What is he gonna do say no? Be like hey, I have been getting a little paranoid lately, how about we smoke a small bowl together to ease my mind. Sure there are some dealers out there that don't smoke.

    If people are selling a product that they think is good, you will get a sample. If they play tight about it, I would take that for the "sample' and save your money for something else.

    Sure you can't ask for a sample in a bar, but you are also buying one drink, not a 1/5th. If you expect to get a free sample on top of buying only one joint, you have been smoking something more potent then mj.
  7. Shops always give you a free taste! I would do this if the dealer is asking for more money than usual, even if it looks good. A lil pipe bowl should be fine, if not he's a bitch. :hello:
  8. Just ask is what i say. Most people just do a visual inspection and give the bud a good whiff though.

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