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    just because he has some questions doesn't mean he shouldn't be growing. if his situation were to get innocent people in trouble or if you have to sneak it by people, then I would agree. but just because he isn't a fucking professional doesn't mean he has no business growing. fuck off with your negativity. that bull shit is NOT needed here.

  2. Actually, search his post.. you will easily see why I said he should not be growing.


    Yea.. dude still not fucking prepared.
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    I'll answer your question.. as warm as the room gets...

    Keep the room cool. Use an upper intake fan opposite the lower exhaust fan.

    Airflow is critical in your tents design, you want air to tumble over your plants but not at such a rate that causes wind burn.

    Small tent example here:

    This is a home made tent, too poor to buy a real one so i went and bought a roll of panda film, nice thing is i used metal supports and the tent folds down flat now. Just need to redo the panda film every so often to keep things snug and clean ( i rather would change out my film every 2 cycles then worry about scrubbing it and dealing with pollen if a hermie happens)

    This is just an indoor for fun dont really give a shit grow.

    My collective grow is off site and using 1k MH and 1k HPS - MH veg HPS flowering - I'm not impressed with the HPS (this particular bulb) Going back to digilux after this one as the digilux or whatever it is HPS seemed to work better before it gave out.

    This inside the house is all using cfl's and my computer pulls more wattage then then these lights.

    The MH/HPS is so mad expensive that I'm glad it fills out buds more but to a point i'm beginning to think for smaller grows when only providing yourself, cfls may be more budge table.

    So sorry for the shitty cell pic. Keep lights off in main room to keep ambient temp down.

    So in the pic is to the far left is a fireplace with a bunch of crap stacked on it and a cloner, flower tent and my veg box. Keep 3 girls in the small veg box, not using shit for lights in it. Just holds them over until i can bring them to my buddies or have room in my small tent.

    Oh yea.. All this - Less then $50 via good will and local wholesale hydro store.

    I built the cloner myself as well. $20 vs $100 buying one and i have WAY more sites then super expensive ones.

    The milk jug is C02.

    You can do things on the cheap, I'm not saying you cant.. but please remember, i have an offsite indoor grow with HPS/MH and I use all my stuff from that grow (nutes/pesticides etc) so the cost is a lot lower for me as I'm doing multiple plants.

    Me flowering inside a grow tent with only 2 plants, well I cant see it becoming a full time thing as MH/HPS is just that efficient. But I'll keep doing it with 2-3 plants at a time so i do not have to cut my Legal co-op partner as defined by state law collective garden ruling as of Jully 22nd 2011 in on the plants.

    EDIT: including pic inside the small veg, i'm out of 3 gal pots at the house, gotta go back and grab another from friends.

    I'll probably flower all of these September 11th. Notice the 3 fan leaf mutation.. kinda weird, the mother i took these from had the same mute, all 3 clones have em until the most recent tops.

    Need to start LST ing the one on the far left today for sure. Remember, totally a ghetto grow and pure test to see if i really can ghetto grow.

    Thank god my Rhino plants are all under the HPS - at least i'll get a yield from those..

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    I read here, and at rollitup.org. There is a poster over there named Uncle Ben that has been doing this stuff for years, and is a wealth of knowledge, as well as alot of other people. There is definitely a a lot of info out there, and it is easy to be confused. I kind of gauge the information provided by people with their number of post, how grounded the information is, and pictures of what I would call a good grow. There are a lot of people out there that will spew information they got from one website or the other, and post pictures of some scraggly ass sad looking plants. Its all good dont get me wrong, but you can usually guess who is full of it and who isnt. Uncle ben on the other site for example debunks quite a few accepted norms in growing but I've yet to see anyone argue with his results.

    In the end, you have to read whatever you can, and determine what you think is best. That is all you can do as far as gaining knowledge, the rest is experience in my opinion. You may waste your first crop, as just as I may still kill all of mine. The main thing is to learn what went wrong and correct it in the future. Reading and planning no matter how much only minimize the risk of failure, it doesn't eliminate it.
    Honestly, it sounds like a hard way to do things to me. I am interested in seeing what results you get from it, but I would rather pick one or the other. Obviously it is too late to really be starting outdoor plants in most locations. I am in a pretty sunny area in the east and outdoor plants are starting to flower here. As you probably already know, length of your light cycle determines flowering. I just wouldn't want all the extra worry, there seems to be enough to keep up with on my first grow already.
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    Just as husky said, it just depends. Your lighting, ventilation, circulation,and ambient temps all effect your temp at the canopy. You can vent in fresh air all you want to, but if your "fresh" air is already 90 degrees it isnt going to do shit to help cool things down. As well, if you are exhausting your hot air out into the same area your air is coming from, it is going to jack up your ambient temps and cause you to be taking in warmer air.

    It is really pretty basic science in that you have to understand heat transfer. When dealing with air, it transfers heat to or from everything it touches. I cant explain it scientifically, but any thing that works on a molecular level, such as air, or water will have the same basic properties of heat transfer. Moving the air limits it's contact time with whatever it is moving around, and causes less transfer of heat. In the same token stagnant air has more time in contact with whatever it touches, and will transfer more heat to or from that item depending on which is cooler, the item in contact, or the air itself.

    Im gonna go back to my corner now, before someone puts that damn dunce cap on me again :)
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    I mean, the only reason I need a tent is for flowering. and that's only if I decide to
    keep vegging them. if I do build a tent, it would have to be either outside, and the dark time be at night, and not give a fuck when I start the switch to 12/12 and do the tent inside.
    if I miss flowering season, are there other ways to get them to flower without a tent to provide the 12 hours of dark? you seem to be good at improvisation. I'm open to any ideas man. I'm afraid the tent will get too warm, and there's no way I can afford ventilation. especially outside on a lawn.
    and IF they make it to flower, should I use a HPS? or just put them in sunlight?

    you know, as long as these posts are, I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for you 2 going into so much detail. thank y'all :)

    I try to talk it up on rollitup but people are pretty quiet there. seems a bit better than this place tho. if it wasn't for the iPhone app I'd probably be on rollitup. I've seen people talk out of there ass on here, as have I although I only do it with the best intentions, so I know what to look out for. some people on here are amazing with the tips and advice they dish out.

    and if you want to get down to brass taxes, this is my 2nd grow. I had a first try, fucked it all up and down, and here I am. 28 babies, now down to 9. most are showing to be males (godfuckingdamnitsonofabitchass), probably my fault. they've not had the easiest cannabis life thus far. although i'd day it's damn better than sitting out in a field without getting tended to /:<

    if I can get my camera / compie to work, I can post pictures. I'd love to show my lovelies off! and yes. it's hard. very, very fucking hard. BUT, it's also very worth it. have you never heard someone doing this before? someone on here suggested the idea. so far it seems to be doing the trick. I'm just so damn scared about flowering. idk what to expect. I'll post the results on here tho. for sure.
  8. nice post on here. Yes I know i posted a dumb thread though i had the right equipment to grow but the only reason i put that on here is to get peoples attention on here to help me out. I'm a little bit stubborn I try to correct people ( I don't try unless I think I know I'm right about something which isn't alot ) I read a lot of threads and post on different forums. Some post lead to different websites that give a direct answer to what your looking for. I'm yet a noob I'm taking much knowledge and experience as I can. If i read something that someone doesn't know about? I point it out to them just cause I've read it on a thread doesn't mean I know 100% sure its true , but its from someone usually that has experience. So don't think I'm completely dumb I have to say I probably only know 10-15% percent what it takes to grow which isn't alot , but I try therefore it'll pay off one day on a huge harvest:smoke: thanks

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