Ok PC case / help? (pics)

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    Think i could get at least 1 lst plant? Might raise/replace outlet. Can't seem to remove right panels and some drives, i unscrewed from back and all screws i could find. Got timer, more fans, lights ect too. Just got to get soil and convertors sometime.

    :wave:stay blazed.

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  2. Sweet computer. What's that thing running?... Windows 7?
  3. Lmao, that sucker might be older than me. My grandpa gave me that a long time ago, that guy started with DoS i think this machine had 96, 2003 idk though.

  4. I think you should just build a box. Much easier. More room. Easier to vent. Do you need to keep it concealed like a computer?
  5. Yes it needs to be cheap and discreet.
  6. Where is it being stored? Closet? How much room is available? You can make a pc grow box work, but other ways are better if you are able.
  7. Closet or behind my sofa. I was thinking of using a sub woofer case but theirs not much ease of access plus my roomates are audiophiles too and mess with some of them.
  8. I personally think building a grow box for your closet would be your best bet. If you have some room... Make a 2x2x5. It's easier to conceal than you think. Especially in a closet. Hell, throw a lock in it :)
  9. The harddrive holder thing, forgot the name but you can remove it. Is it bolted in with something called a Rivet?
  10. Idk but it pissed me off so i gave up on it, ill attempt to remove before planting.
  11. Take everything out... Wack it with a hammer til it falls out

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