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  1. i plan on using a bathroom for growing and i only wanna grow a few plants for personal use, is it possible that i could use a shower stall as a grow box, if so, how many plants could a grow, i woudl line the shower stall with dull foil and im still figuring out the lights, but this room is also where we smoke, would it be alright to smoke in here when the plants are in the vegitative state, obviously i couldnt smoke in there when it is in a darnk period of flowering but could i smoke during light period? there is also a window that wouldnt shed direct light into the stall but somelight would get in, i woukd probabaly end up covering it with some posterboard or something so no light gets in. any help would be good. and i really need some suggestions for lights because i have no knowledge about them at all.
  2. well i would say dont smoke around the plants they need clean oxygen like u and me i know ur not suppose to smoke cigs around them so i would think it wouldent be a good idea to have any smoke around them even chronic smoke

    as for your light get hps [high preshered sodiam] i ddidnt spell that right:)the watt of the light depends on how many plants your planing to grow if u ganna grow 4 or 5 i think 400watt is ok make sure the light is about 18inch away from the tops of the plants

    and what do u mean when u say in the bathroom a shower stall is how many feet wide and how many feet tall i would think a shower stalll would only grow one plant because they get bushy my last 2 that i just hung up were 2 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet tall u should just do it in a closest look for the grow guide under sidious sig ok cya

  3. the reason i chose a shower stall is cuz it has drainidge but from what ur saying if i can only grow one plant then it aint gonna work, i wanna grow around 6 or more plants, as many as possible so i might just devote this sliding door closet i have that is about 2 feet wide, 8 feet long and 6 feet high and fit as many as a can in there without giving up light for them. BUt i was wondering how i would get air cirrculation though the closet. Ill try to take pictures and post em for some opinions
  4. 2feet wide 8 feet long is ok u can fit 6 in there for sure but the height of the roof should a minimum of 7feet if ur useing hps. look at it this way ur buckets r ushally 1 foot tall so theres only 5 feet left to grow in then u have the light 18inches away from the tops of the plants so there is 2feet and 6 inches alrdy taken up that leaves u with only 3 1/2 feet for the plant if u try to do this u will have to flower the plant while it is about 8'' or 9 inches after u go 12/12 the plant will double maybe even tripple in size this is why u have to estimat your bucket height the distance from the light and the tops and what not
    as for venilation u have 8 feet of space right put 6 plants in there and put a fan at one end of the plants so that it just trickles the plants to get the stalk strong.if u cant offored 2 more small fans then just open the growroom door 2 or 3 times a day.but if u can get 2 more fans cut a whole out the bottom of the closet door make sure the whole is just big enough to fit ur small fan in there have the fan at the bottom blowing air in the growroom then cut a whole out the top of the closet door and put a fan in that so it is blowing air out of the growroom that way u will have get ventilation with means helthy plants hope u got an understanding on theses thing now cya

  5. in flowering it can triple in size right well if i grow it in VEg till 12" then flower it it would only reach a maximum of 3 feet so i should have enough space, it may also be taller than 6' i havent measured, its an estimate, more like 7'-8' so i think this is a good space. And i am gonna take a picture of it with a digi cam and edit in photoshop so i can show u where i see my setup to be good. Pics might take a while tho shoudl have em by next week.
  6. as long as u got 7 feet go ahead and flower at 12'' all i have is 7 feet of space i flower at 12 inches just choped down 2 plants and each one was 3 1/2 feet tall and 2 feet wide and extreamly sticky and stinky sativa nice grow they were but now i gatta wait for em to dry and cure but oh well i have 20 joint left to last me for a lil while till i get paid

    almost forgot dude dont bother fuckin with aluminum foil for a reflector ok just paint all the walls in the room with flat white paint it works best and u will get no hot spots on the plants this way get back to us when ya can im out cya
  7. aight thanx for all the help im gonna get a 400w HPS for sure now. Also, during flowering is it alright if some light gets though tha crack in the doors at the bottom or should i find a way to cover it up so absolutly no light gets in during a dark period.
  8. o and the last thing i need help on is ferts, what kinds shoudl i start off with and how often, this is the subject i know the least on
  9. ya dontlet any light get at the girls when there in dark time they could go hemathidite on u and u dont want that and for ferts use something llike 10-10-10 for veg or 20-20-20 for veg and flowering u will need 10-52-10 or 10-60-10
  10. like i said im a newbie at this i have no idea what the numbers mean cuz i dont know much about ferts at all, i just know certain mixes for certain stages
  11. you could grow 6 plants in a shower, ScrOG style!:D make a frame that fits in the bathtub, so the top is like 2-2.5' over your soil. put a screen over the top of the frame (2" chicken wire) and when the plants grow up to the screen, make them spread out under the screen. that way you'll get a higher yeild, through a dense carpet of buds:)
  12. where can i get some info on SCROG style growing cuz this sounds like a pretty good idea to me. and whats does SCROG stand for?
  13. SCReen Of Green...go to the first post in General Growing, under Links & Guides there's a site on Scrog.

    The numbers charlie gave are the NPK..it stands for Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium.

    And dude don't smoke around your plants, if you touch them after smoking they can get some sort of disease so wash your hands before entering their habitat. I've seen pics of it, and trust me you don't want it.
  14. what are stumped over?.....Peace out......Sid

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