ok, ok, Time to get a life again!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cowboysaxman, Jun 8, 2002.

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  1. Start the countdown,........................................................... I\'ve given two weeks notice, and am going back to work doing construction. Couldn\'t get things hooked up quick enough to go back to school at this time. The Wolves are starting to circle Big-time, so I contacted a former employer, and he was overjoyed to hear from me!! Made me feel REAL good. He offered me more money then I was making when I left, a Company rig,and help gettin\' to move away from this hole we\'re in!!!!!!!!!!! Will be doin\' some traveling during the week, but home most every weekend, and some Holidays. Guess I\'ll have to check out some on-line education opportunites!! TIME TO PAY SOME BILLS!!!!!

    Will be foreman of a \"Utility\" Pavements repair crew.Our main customer is a MAJOR chain store, and the work on my crew (created just for me!! hard to keep the ole\' head from swelling at that! LMAO) will be mostly small concrete & asphalt repairs, crack-sealing, and misc. fixtures.Have the Co.Trk., a state of the art, climate controlled Bobcat with most attach., And doing the smaller repair work I should be home more often then the rest of crews.

    Bud Head, there wasn\'t any way I was gonna be able to make it to your 4th bash with our situation the way it is, I do still have my priorities straight!! But we work all over Tenn. also, so I may just get to burn one with you, and see that Dahlin\' Samantha someday anyway!! :wave:

    BPP, I\'ve worked in the Montgomery area also, so maybe oneday I can return the favor, and get You stoned!! lol :D

    I know I\'ve come close to boring ya\'ll to tears, with my \"over-posting\" but you just don\'t know how much it\'s meant to me to have ya\'ll to talk to!!!!!!!!!! LOL , Who know\'s, ya\'ll just might have prevented me from becoming one of them guys BPP was talkin\' about, that the neighbors describe as\" a nice quiet guy, until he snapped!!\" Lmao! :D

    Gonna close this post, as I still have awhile to post away,lol

    Bladies and Blades, one and all, my hat\'s off to ya\'ll, for being some off the finest people I\'ve ever come to know!!! :wave: :smoking:
  2. Congratulations, Man!!! It sounds like life is just falling in place for you. A climate-controlled Bobcat????? Could life get any better???

    Hey, Bud Head isn\'t the only one in Tennessee. If you ever get in the Knoxville/Gatlinburg area, let me know!!! My hubby and I would welcome you with open arms into our humble stoner haven!

    That invite goes out to everyone here at the City!!!!!!!

    And Cowboysaxman, we love your posts, so don\'t ever think you overpost---there really is no such thing, anyway!!!!
  3. Cowboy you get close to Nashville you let me know ya hear! I\'ll fix ya up with some good old fashion cooking and relax with a fat joint to end a great meal! If ya need a place to stay, i\'ll fix ya up with that too!

    RMJL I\'m getting closer to getting up that way. Mid to end of July it looks like. What do i need to bring honey?
  4. Guess I\'ll have to see just how many places a wanderin\' cowboy Blade can find to get on-line!! lol And with the kinda money I\'ll be makin\', it shouldn\'t be too long before I can get our home \"puter back on-line. Maybe I can convince the Boss I need a Laptop !! :D

    This step has become vital, to maintain my sanity (no jokes,please,LOL) and to repair emotional damage done to my family. It\'s sad irony, that when you allow your depression to take hold of your life, and are in deep pain, you cause even more pain to the ones that you love!!!!! You can\'t expect anyone to love and respect you, if you can\'t love and respect yourself.
  5. Great news saxman, its gonna be sad that you aint gonna be around but i\'m also plessed for you as i know how hard things were getting. Make sure you keep in contact my friend.

    Good Luck and all the best !
  6. This is good news! This means you can move far from the clutches of the evil landlord, too, right? WOOHOO! I am happy for you cowboysaxman and no you never overpost, you are always a treat to \"listen to\" or read! :)

    I hope you enjoy your new job, new place, new everything! Just STAY the same and come back to update us when ya can! :)
    xoxoxo to you and poohgator! :)
  7. Hey Bud Head!! I didn\'t know you were near Nashville. The \'Boro is my old stomping gound. If you wanna swing by Toot\'s and get me some Chicken Fingers to go, I would be a happy girl.
  8. That\'s great news!! Best of luck to you and your family.
  9. This might be too late for you to see it, but I\'ll pretend like you will anyway.

    I could cliche\' out here with the \"a man\'s gotta do what a man\'s gotta do\" and all that shit but you already know that.

    Having something to do everyday sure helps keep the mental \"noise\" under control.

    I\'ve been in those same shoes before.

    It\'s bad e\'nuff to be jobless, even worse when the wolves are circling. But the ultimate shits is to be no better than an indentured servant to someone. Tends to belt you right in the ol\' self esteem!

    I\'m having a hard time seeing you as depressed! You\'ve always been a cheerful and supportive kind of chap since you\'ve been here!

    Congrats my friend. Stop by when ya can.

    It\'s gonna be a little weird comin here with out ya.

    I\'m pretty sure I\'ve never posted when you have\'nt replied.

    Good vibes to you and yours!
  10. Thanks ya\'ll for the warm, supportive responses!! :D

    I\'ll be here until the 22nd, then will just have to get here by hook or crook after that!! lol

    Am real excited about being able to hold my head up again, but am not looking forward to being away from the family!!

    But smokinokie, cliche or not, you\'re right, \"a mans got to do, what a mans got to do!! \" (And he DOESN\"T have to like it!! LOL)

    Here\'s another, \"If ya want the bread, ya gotta go to the bakery!\"

    PoohGator and I Thank, and Love YA\'LL!! :D :smoking:
  11. Cowboy, its good to hear that you are excited about working! I hope everything works out good for you and Pooh and the job turns out to be fun. Company truck, must be nice to be a big wheel. What about the drug tests?
  12. BPP, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Nothings been said, he didn\'t test before, so I\'m hoping that\'s still the situation!!! If not I guess I\'ll have to,

    drink vineagar?
    buy a system cleaner?
    buy a sample pass kit?
    drink certo?
    find a clean friend (that would be hard! lol) to give me a sample?
    drink lots of water?
    Tell him I was token, but have quit?

    My system HAS to be cleaner than it was,it\'s been scarce having to save to move!

    I may just have to stop until I\'m \"trusted\" again and can find out how often tests are taken.

    DAMN!! I was tryin\' to avoid thinkin\' about it!! LOL

    Guess I\'ll quit until I find out what\'s up
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