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  1. Dig it, this happened like a month ago. I started to tell Stonygurl this story but I wanted to share.....

    ....so I'm drivin' home from work, 'bout 11:30 at nite-clear nite, clear road, jammin'......oh yea and had scored on my way to work, then this dude I know where I was workin' was feelin' friendly and turned me on to a little (!!!!!!!)--couldn't wait to get home. Ok so I'm drivin' this POS ford that gets like a clogged fuel filter or some shit and it kinda cuts out on me.........pisses me off and ALWAYS happens on the way home. Well the car starts coughin on me-I let off-it keeps sputterin and pissin' around, by the time it quits fuckin' up and starts to run right, I'm comin' round a curve doin'-well 77. The cop's got his lights on before I even pass him. (He's sittin on the side of the road........basically just waitin' for ME I guess.) I of course think FUCK!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! Okay insurance, registration, driver's license, dopes in be jacket pocket in the passenger seat-COOL. Maybe I''l just get a warning. He comes up to the car-he asks for the shit I give it to him and I notice a dog barking behind me.......oh shit. "Sounds like your dog misses you" I said, hoping he'd say it was a dog at the house we were by. Oh no it was his dog and he did miss the cop. He takes my shit back to his car and he's back there forever. He finally comes back and explains to me that my driver's license was expired and he couldn't let me drive the car home-told me to come back to his car and he would explain it better via the computer in his car. Great. I smoked a little a few hours before that-I figured the dog was gonna go berzerk. I went back to his car with him (the dog was barking all this time, 'till we got in the car). He started explainin all this shit to me, he actually was pretty nice and I played wide eyed innocent girl 'till I 'bout puked. Then it hit me I still had the other (!!!!!!) on me-sittin right there with that fuckin dog right up my ass-!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!-wait........some drug dog.......as long as I don't move a lot and create a breeze he wont smell me. The friekin tow truck finally got there-I couldn't drive my car home-I had no valid driver's license....I copped a ride home in the tow truck all treats in place. That really sucked. My ol' man didn't rag on me too bad except for the lead foot part. I KNOW-I KNOW......damn!!!

    Well there's my true-life close call. It's funny now............
  2. LOL i have to agree with critter.

    Slow ya ass down and things will get better!

    You are one lucky girl though!
  3. wheeeeeeew!! Been in a coupla' close ones myself.......and I'd rather be lucky than good anyday!! LOL :smoke:
  4. Somebodys watchin out for you, with my luck I would have had the dog attacking me I would have wrecked into the cop and be sitting in an electric chair about now. (maybe a slight exaggeration) =)

  5. That sure was suspensful! Close call. Glad everything went good. Next time dont go so damn fast!
  6. Close call. Well just goes to show. That's how you deal when you're thrown in at the deep end. In the words of that guy from Resevoir dogs:
    "you shit your pants and swim"

    I enjoyed the story and hope nothing of this sort ever happens to anyone on here again. I WISH IT COULD BE LEGALIZED SO WE COULD ALL BE A LITTLE LESS PARANOID AND A LITTLE LESS EDGEY!!!
  7. Critter-I expect no sympathy....I deal with what comes to me 'cause usually, I bring it on!!!!!!!:) Just thought I'd share the excitement of bein' a dumass with y'all!!!!!!!
    Can't slow down now Budhead!!! Things tend to catch up with me!!!! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) YOU take her easy and I'LL take it any way I can get it!!!
    I'm just here to be the entertainment!!!!

    Love ya guys!!!
  8. LMAO, and doin' a great job of keepin' us on the edge of our seats!!! :hello:
  9. holy shit stonie jo i am so glad you didn't get caught :D
    god damn i would have been shakin like bacon! i have had a few close calls myself, and that adrenaline goes a'rushing...
    it always seems like you can keep your cool until the danger's out of sight, and your knees go to jelly.

    slow down 'round them curves! at least when you have (!!!) on ya :D


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