Ok, ok - I'm gonna say it... But just this one time. :)

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  1. I'm proud to be an American!!!

    Fuck yeah to the Navy Seals who killed Oslama!
  2. I would love to be the one that popped him.
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-YQCjzrT44]YouTube - David Bowie - Lets Dance[/ame]


  4. Ok, ok I'm gonna say it.. Your user picture is cute! Wahaha oh btw fuck Osama, fucking cunt :)
  5. i kept listening to america - fuck yea! on youtube but i still cant believe they didnt bring back his body man! they say they ran a dna test on site but still man shoulda brang it back!
  6. hell yeah man. enjoy this shit, don;t let these people from out of the country tell you it aint shit. they werent here.
  7. We threw that son of a bitch bastard motherfucker to the sharks. Im sure theres pics of the guys who killed him holdin osamas body up like a big deer like hell yeah \m/ (><) \m/
  8. FUCK Yeahhhhhhh
  9. I fail to see who rose victorious from this entire ordeal...

    Dats right, Ima party pooper... what of it?
  10. This was long overdue, but grats to those men.
  11. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy."
    Martin Luther King, Jr

  12. We just won the war on terror can't you see?
  13. His death hasn't effected me at all
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    But wait... He was black right?
  15. I'm assuming this is rhetorical?
  16. Yeah, I dont really see the point in being so excited about his death.

    Everyone that died on 911 is still dead, and everyone thats been wounded/killed in the middle east is still dead/wounded..

    Also, our troops are still fighting overseas and it sure doesnt look like theyre going to be coming home any time soon.

    I really dont see the difference between today, and 4 weeks ago..
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    Isn't anyone else extremely skeptical? This guy has been like a fucking evil villain in a cartoon. Hiding underground in caves... Disappearing for 10 years.. supposedly trained by the FBI or CIA as an operative...

    Does ANYONE remember what happened with Saddam? We dragged his dirty disheveled looking ass out of a hole in the ground, plastered his face on TV for weeks, and then put him on trial. He was found guilty and killed by hanging, which was leaked onto the internet and news stations in a cell phone video! Yet Osama dies and... NOTHING. Not even a picture. Then we "buried him at sea" to respect some 24 hour religious burial traditions which don't even exist.

    Not to mention this all took place the same week the Obama birth certificate came out, and when the presidential rating was at an all time low for him, and dropping lower fast.
  18. I find it odd that a country we are helping fund was hiding him in a normal neighborhood. They didn't wonder who was building this compound with 12ft-18ft high walls and barbed wire...and then not connecting a phone line to it??

    no...not suspicious at all
  19. Pretty ignorant

    All I'm gonna say
  20. on whos part?

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