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  1. i was trying to hold off on asking this, but now i really need to. I have buckets spread throughout the woods. Yesterday, i went to see them and, one was tipped over. It sort of looked like it was dumped out, but i couldnt really tell - it was just fallen over and soil everywhere. I thought, "ok, maybe the wind of the storm knocked it over". I then went today and another one was tipped over, with the soil the same way. We had a little storm that could have knocked over the first one, but yesterday we only had some strong winds. Could these winds be enough to knock over a 5 gallon bucket with soil in it. Maybe there were uneven on the ground and were easy to knock over due to be unbalanced? i didnt think people roamed around back there. I have not had a buccket tip over in my other spots (some woods down the road). What does this sound like to u guys? Strong winds or a person tipping over my shyt. i REALLY hope its the wind, i might put up my hunting trail camera to see if i can see anyone walked through. what do ya think?
  2. I think the camera is a good idea u want to find out if anyone knows about them as soon as possible cause u really dont want to get caught or get them stolen do u? Me personally i would just move them to a more sucluded area.
  3. Hey Budbloer10 -

    Depending on what is in the soil you have in your buckets it could be skunks or racoons knocking them over. They try to climb the bucket and it tips over. I have had plants dug up by both skunks and racoons because of the different ferts I have used. They are just looking for stuff to eat....

    Kisses -
  4. I agree with the girl above. I think it's probably animals. I don't think the wind could tip them over, and I don't think anybody would waste their time tipping over your buckets to fuck with you without taking/killing the plants.
  5. Hey The FxckingHero -

    Thanks for being in agreement with me..... I was beginning to think that as a girl no one on this forum would listen to my thoughts or ideas about outdoor grow!

    I maybe a girl but I have a bunch of experience growing outdoors over the last 5 years.....

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  6. My next door neighbour´s cat likes an occassional bite of leaf to chew on!!!

  7. we dont discriminate here, atleast most of us.
  8. i like and agree with her sig. my kind of woman!!!!,, dude that hunting camera will show you exactly whats up,,,, i too hunt,,

    as you know most animals see that bucket as food,, so many hunters use them as bait buckets, my suggestion would be too bury the buckets,,,, and tote a gun, it could be a bear. you ever walked up on a bear, with a compound bow,,,,, it aint a good feeling!!!!!!!
  9. animals are curious...esspecially when there;'s new smells....for example : newly turned soil will always atract animals (bears, deer....and fucken rabbits). As you can tell i have a hatred for rabbits they can be nasty....anyway....stoned...what i do is turn the soil weeks before i plant ...that way the animals have a chance to do what they do....in your case i would maybe get chicken netting and surround the pots ....at lease for the first month or the whole time.....ssslater
  10. Buckets, buckets and more buckets in an outdoor grow forum. I understand if you live in the desert or there is no rain in your region, but if this is not the case you are messing up imo. Tell me my fellow growers, do the mj seeds fall out of the plant and into a little bucket and fill with dirt in the wild? No, they do not. MJ grows in the ground. Nature knows best, coppy it.
  11. That's just silly.:D
  12. Hey SouthernPride -

    I agree with you....

    1. By growing in the ground your plants are harder to spot (be found)

    2. More room for the roots to move & grow to find what the plant likes. (water & food)

    3. Less work & More yeild....

    Just my 2 cents....

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  13. but if/when the time comes where you need to move the plant for any reason, bucket works a lot better
  14. I grow on my roof terrace. Buckets or nothing!!!

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