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ok next step

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by stevebruser424, May 31, 2004.

  1. ok all my plants are doing great i wanted to transplant one last one but i left my ag of soil outside it is now soaked all the dirt is really really wet, should i wait for the soil to dry out?

  2. Yeah let the soil dry a bit, it's ok when it's moistened but I wouldn't transplant my plants in soaked soil. Good luck!
  3. ok my plants are going great one is about 14" tall and the others are only 8, they are about 8 weeks old and they have good soil i have fertalized them, and they have about 12/12 light they are outdoors, so the light is from sun, why are they not as big as the 14"? also there where im growing them is in pots by a bunch of tall plants, i dont know what kind they are all i know is they are weeds, ok so would i be able to plant them in the middle of each of the circles of weeds to hide them the weeds are about 4' tall

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