ok need a fast reply its my friends B-day :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaz3, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. everywhere here is dry has been for a good few days now. I want to get my friend high i know there are a lot of diffrent stuff to get high. what around the house could i use to get high ( not pills extracting or whatever) i got told about a banana peel or somthing but any other ways to get high that are fast and easy ? ty in advance B.
  2. Just take a break, and stick with the MJ. Birthdays are a day to celebrate life, not harm it.
  3. If you cant get legitamate drugs, just take him somewhere...

    Like a strip club
  4. Get him a bottle of Jack Daniels or something. I guarantee you that it can get you very wasted.
  5. Yeah man, dont be getting high off household products.
  6. D






  7. i second this notion
  8. Get a bottle of whiskey. You never know, weed might appear later.
  9. dont do banana peels man. haha

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