ok, lets stop blaming Obama for all these raids

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    really people, it's not his fault. I'm not a government lover, and I certainly don't think Obama is the answer to America's problems but, we really need to stop blaming him for all these raids.

    I know he said he would not raid any more marijuana dispensaries and attorney general Holden issued the letter in Oct 2009 to stop federal raids on dispensaries that are following state laws. But, all that was before the people of California voted against Prop 19.

    Let's recap....in 1996 California voters to pass Prop 215. Then in 2003 the government created SB420 (the state marijuana ID card program), then in 2008 the California Attorney General created guidelines for non-diversion. Then in 2009 we have the letter from US Attorney General Holden to stop raids on dispensaries. These were very big steps in the legalization movement.

    And now here comes greedy ass Dick Lee of Oaksterdam. If anyone has read the Prop 19, they would know that even though it was to legalize marijuana, there were clauses in there which would have made it illegal...except in Oakland where he helped pass the tax act within Oakland city limits. Guess where Dick Lee is at?? So, while legalizing marijuana, the problem was going to be you can't get marijuana anywhere in the state except Oakland. Cuz there was a clause in there saying that cities and counties can vote to BAN marijuana within it's limits. That's why I call him greedy, cuz he was using the marijuana patient as a tool to make his pockets rich....where is he at now?? After they raided his ass, he even gave up Oaksterdam all scared about his own hyde.

    Now, since Prop 19 did not puff puff pass....it meant that the California residents are against marijuana legalization, even though it failed by only 300,000 votes. Last time Californians spoke, they passed Prop 215, after that they spoke again but this time they voted against legalization.

    So, let's just stop blaming the gov for doing what they do...the majority said NO, so they are out in full force against marijuana....we have no one to blame but ourselves....
  2. lol sorry but i think thats horseshit !

    no one to blame but ourselves?

    thats just stupid

    the gov't clowns are the ones brainwashing the country with anti-legalization scare tactics , much like the gestapo did in germany, in turn causing the failure of the required votes ...
  3. stupid????? did you read the part where I said that the voters of California voted against legalization??? so what does it mean when people vote against something??

    No, what's stupid is being ignorant to the fact that marijuana patients did not come together and made sure that the Proposition passed, no matter if it was good or bad, we shoulda passed it....but I remember allot of marijuana farmers that were against it because they thought it would bring the prices down so they voted against it.

    there is no unity like there was back in 1996.

  4. yep i read it ....

    glad I don't live in california...

    what a mess
  5. oh shit you don't even live in Cali??? then how do tell me I'm stupid without even knowing who I am...I'm here in cali fighting this shit myself....and next time you wanna call someone stupid, look in the mirror first.

  6. why are you getting a little hot under the collar for me Not calling you stupid lol

    Im not calling you stupid....and you are NOT fighting anything yourself...

    look in the mirror first LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    almost funny
  7. I have said it before and I say it again, its about money. This time as you suggested, advertising money. The Fed Gov has deep, if not bottomless pockets to put out the negative information about MMJ. While the supporters of MMJ depend on contributions to pay the costs to present the other side of the story. The average person who does not use MMJ only hears the gov side because it has the money to get the information out there.

  8. damn gov't bottomless pockets...

  9. oh ok, that's me getting the threatening letters from the DEA and alwayzz a step ahead about getting raided...when you're in my shoes, I'll listen to you...but you're in a warm place talking about a cold subject..:wave:

    I'm not getting hot headed, i'm getting high right now...and it looks good in the mirror hahaha
  10. OP: How can I not blame the people who keep it illegal?

  11. LOl when im in your shoes?

    sounds like a God complex to me....

    you are not fighting shit alone.. look around
  12. So because the population of California votes to keep marijuana illegal, that means the president can now go against HIS word and raid medical patients? Obama is just ridiculous by saying he will cut down on raids just to get votes and now giggling like a little girl every time someone ask him a question about marijuana.

    You would think they were asking him who his favorite porn star is.
  13. In the first term a President has to tread lightly. Obama isn't doing things to pander to his base because he has to avoid firing up the right wing base. Could you imagine the shitstorm if tomorrow Obama started pimping a bill that would remove cannabis from the list of scheduled drugs?

    Now the real question: would it translate to more votes in the upcoming election? Of course not.

    "Government is about surviving to the next century. Politics is about surviving until next Friday afternoon."
    -Sir Humphery, Yes, Prime Minister "A Victory for Democracy"

    That's the mindset you have to keep in mind with ALL of these jag offs.
  14. I agree its not Obamas fault..
    Its the folks in cali that allowed what could have been a full on legalization to become a fucking joke. allowing every tom dick and harry medical cards wether they really needed them or not, abusing the system until others looked at it as a terrible thing..

    Theres no wonder they voted against it.. SO many money hungry people popping up dispesaries everywhere selling to kids and such.. Damn shame years and years of work turned into that...
  15. Yes indeed - and the OP is one of those greed mongers. He's right about Obama because he is one of those to blame.
  16. If you people would fucking stop abusing the system this shit wouldn't happen. I've only heard of raids happening to shady dispensaries. All the legit ones have been around for years and not had any problem. I hope Cali is the first state to get medical taken away. Then maybe you people will get off your couch and start trying to do shit again to make it legal.
  17. The reason prop 19 failed was because of greedy fucking growers who were scared of losing profits.

    Ya know why? Cuz there were studies floating around hypothesizing that if legalized, the price of an oz of top shelf would go down to approx $39.

    Greed and disinformation is why prop 19 failed

    And while it isnt Obama's fault he isnt helping at all, because his puppet masters dont want it legalized.
  18. Prop 19 also didn't pass because the Governator signed a bill to decriminalize possession which was one of prop 19's main points.

    Also, can't counties vote now whether or not to have mmj dispensaries? How is that any different than what prop 19 would have done?

    We can't blame it all on Obama, but his hands surely are not clean. He kept Michele Leonhart as head of DEA, need I remind you.
  19. obama is just doing what he gets paid/told to do.

    Milking the 99% to enrich the 1%. Just doing his job.
    That has been a job responsibility for all POTUS in my lifetime.
  20. Your must not be on this site much because you're gonna get you're ass chewed up. Just a forewarning

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