Ok, lets have it out...Aerial surveillance?

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    This pisses me the F off as from person to person the information varies, and the fact that many are brief or speak nothing in detail of such "methods" therefore seemingly making the said statements false. Such as, oh well thats how a friend of a friend got caught with this and they said this because of this etc etc etc...just talking in circles.

    We know FLIR exists and can help target inside growers. What else is there besides "eye sight" spotting in planes? I've heard numerous stories that many claim there is some IR device that can sense heat given off from a MJ plant during the night, thus spotting the difference in heat patterns throughout the terrain identifying them apart. If this was true many peoples grow spots would be easily spotted with this method as plants are out in the open to obtain proper sunlight. Meaning easy exposure of being detected with said device... :eek:

    THEN haha some claim there are some ridiculous methods to out trick this idea although I see no real correlation between the tricks discussed of how they would trick such a device. Stuff just doesn't add up....
    Can anybody shed some light on the subject of this ^^^^. Is it people just getting confused with FLIR's abilities or is there some new device out there in use?

    EDIT: I guess i was being misinformed once again by those who pass along "here-say" advice. I guess some just need to be shot for giving ridiculous advice.
  2. hey bro I have a friend of 19 years who is the fly by guy for the police in a county in florida. He says that in order for him to have to go up and look HE has to have good intel that u are a BIG TIME grower before they can even look.Its a lot of money to fly the choppers and to use the equipment so he does not just do rnadom fly bys.His advise to me was use LED lights, carbon filters and you should have no problem..HE said yur electric bill will get you caught sooner than a fly by. HE also said that the number one people get caught is because of growers bragging and telling girlfriends. His advise to me was this.1. never tell anyone especally yur old lady 2. watch yur electric bill 3. use led and fluoresent lights. Dont run your lights at night.( the equipment they use only works at night and is always in a helicopter, not a plane.
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    Yea the story i heard was something ridiculous like they caught this guy over 1 plant and i even mentioned the #1 reason people get caught is informant/snitch......guy didnt believe me.

    Do not understand how they can find someone with one plant with "such technology" but then yet there's people with a dozen plants out there and they drop grow journals, pictures, and even city location, but never get caught. Funny how it does not add up to make sense.

    Thats americans for you, brainwashed and dumb.
  4. I think the majority of the confusion stems from people having different opinions/ideas of how FLIR works. Someone hears a story from someone else, passes it on, and it gets fucked up in translation. FLIR is a good tool for LE, but its not the wonder tool that some people make it out to be. Bottom line is keep a stealth grow, don't leave questionable items around for someone to find or see, and follow the Golden Rule: DON'T TELL ANYBODY!!!!
  5. Read my link on heat detectors.
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    A couple people know that I outdoor grow, some were unavoidable like my mom who noticed that I bought mosquito spray, camo pants and a machete + several how to grow pot outdoors dvd's and noticed my "grow buddy" had an indoor grow op when she visited his house and a few people that are pot heads and one guy thats a grower himself.
    But that shouldnt be a problem because #1, they dont know where my patch is, #2 I personally dont have any connection to my pot plants because even if the police busted down my door all they would get me for is a couple of paraphanalia charges

    And #3 I am so confident in my grow spot that it will never get discovered. Were only growing 3 plants at the moment and havent even sexxed them yet for some reason my buddy had to hang on to the 4th plant at his house because he liked it, I say its safer to get them ALL out the house. Its covered by a creek and next to a road with very little traffic because most people take the main roads around it.

    So yea, Ive broken the rule a couple times not to tell anybody, but even if they tipped off the cops, the cops would be wasting there time going after me. NOW if they went after my grow buddy, shit would hit the fan for him with the one plant in his house.

  7. damn you are a superjew
  8. You should edit your post Superjew about why you grow weed. Against GC rules.
  9. lol that was funny
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    Dude your mom knows your growbuddy has/had and indoor grow operation? Was the growroom a part of the house tour or is he a complete idiot? Sounds like he needs a lesson in security and stealth. My only question is where do you plan to dry this weed your growing? Gonna let your buddy do that dirty work too? You've told some people about your grow, and your going to let your buddy take the fall if they narc you out? I hope your buddy never comes across this site and reads how he is the ultimate scapegoat. With friends like this you need good lawyers. Oh by the way never say never. This operation sounds like a clusterfu_ _

    To the OP I would take every security precaution possible when growing outdoors. Some may call it paranoia, I call it peace of mind. You speak of here say advice or stories and my input is mostly BS and I wouldn't be suprised if many about MJ detection were started by the police trying to make us paranoid with what they may or may not be able to do, and what exactly they are capaple of doing once it is found such as watching grow sites. Outdoors cops in choppers are not looking for plants, but signs of human influence/presence. This can be bare dirt (biggest outdoor no no) plastic bags from ferts/soil, Pots that the plants are in anything that gives off a glare, any thing growing if perfect rows in the middle of nowhere, and primarily humans in the middle of nowhere. A couple of well camouflaged plants are invisible from the air, you and your work are not. Indoors all I can say is most commercial grows utilize 1000 watt hid's. They get much hotter than a 250-600 watt that personal growers utilize. They also can yield 2lbs per light every 2 months, which means your profiting from growing and should take some of the risk involved if your making several grand a month. Moral of the story personal use growers have little to fear, it's the guys who grow for a living that need to worry about this kind of heat surveilance. Grow more than 20 plants at one location and then you need to worry inside or out.

    I'm no expert in FLIR but if you google it you can go to the manufacturers website and view sample videos showing the capabilities, seems to me that it certainly can pick up heat from a human or animal, but not from individual plants. When you think of it plants for the most part are ambient temp, I have never seen proof that MJ runs hotter than others at night. I would be more worried about a police chopper finding me out in the middle of the woods at night, that might certainly lead them to do some investigating.
  11. go to spiketv.com and watch "DEA" episode? called marijuana grow house, he gets cought by a FLIR.
  12. Yes GROW HOUSES will need to watch out for FLIR. That implies a house filled with plants, not the run of the mill personal use operation.

  13. Can't remember what its called but int hat show MArijuana Inc, they talked about some device that will look for the exact shade of green a marijuana plant is and that helps the helicopters find it.

  14. Heard much talk of the spectral color analyzer or w/e.

    LMAO AND YES thats how they catch a majority of people, chopper flys over..wtf are these guys doing with backpacks in the middle of a corn field? HAH bare dirt :D have you checked peoples grow journals on here lately, I seen a few pictures where I pray for those souls who leave obvious signs visible. Unless they know otherwise their spot is secure.
  15. 90% busts happen due to talk.

    "Lose lips sink ships!"

  16. some kid tried to tell me the other day that they had a plane that flew over and dropped a chemical that ONLY kills mj plants.. i laughed in his face lol
  17. What a dumb fuck.

  18. Thats what im saying Cat, and whats funny people who KNOW 0% about this type of stuff talk with 100% superior knowledge like they have been caught and locked up. I even asked the one dude about what he said to me and his details were brief like "IDK IT WASNT ME" exactly it was not you so how can you boast false information. Its funny how you can believe what you see on TV more than what people pass by word of mouth, thats when you know times are getting fucked up.

    Its like how can you speak from experience with 0 experience to start with in the first place.
  19. the rediculously expensive device that can be used outside to pickup the spectral signature of cannabis plants is called an aerial spectrometer. or atleast something to that sort. 1) rediculously expensive and probably only used in areas known for growing. 2) requires a trained person to operate ie, the local police aint gunna do it. 3) only pics up the signatures of large clumps. the minimum is about 10, obvisouly depending on the size but cmon now. just dont be an idiot and plant under powerlines, and dont make it so painfully obvious. Also, choppers will look for trash in the middle of the woods adjacent to small ponds, creeks or streams as they know growers need water. hope that helps. peace
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8WHD2ohEK8]Marijuana SNIFFING Spy Helicopter[/ame]

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